TenX DX Dec 2014 by Mike N5MT DX Editor

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TenX DX Dec 2014 by Mike N5MT DX Editor

Postby N5MT » Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:21 pm

TenX DX News December 1, 2014
Mike Davidson N5MT, #24949

Many DX’ers have used the DX Summit website since 1998 to help them find that rare new country on the Internet! The website changed its name and looks in November so you now have to go to the new name: New.DXSummit.fi . The website displays DX calls for all bands and modes, so you may need to set a filter if you only want one band or one mode. Use the HELP function if needed. This website is used during all contests to spot calls and any band or net activity for all to see. It is not just for DX but for helping you work a new one or just to find a friend.

The upgraded MY DX SUMMIT introduces an easy-to-use propagation forecast tool that users can use to watch the HF spectrum better. Ken K4ZW #18573, will host a Webinar in early December to explain the essence of MY DX SUMMIT and its prop prediction tools for ham radio. Thanks to Radio Arcala for this website and all the time and money it has saved us over the years!

Since MY DX SUMMIT is a sponsored website, you do have to live with the advertisements. So enjoy the DX this winter, Europe has been strong for the past month and the flux has been much higher than expected/predicted.

The December solar flux prediction has been revised up from the previous NOAA published forecast. A flux level of 174-185 peaked the last week of November with peak days on the 16th, 23rd, and 27th. So what does the Ten Meter contest hold for us as to propagation? The best guess is a solar flux of 140-155 with a chance of a flare. The winter contest season begin in October and we have been hearing Europe almost on a daily basis in the USA since then because of the higher solar flux.

The US Fish & Wildlife Services has announced that ham radio will be allowed from Navassa Island in 2015. Navassa is located forty miles west of Haiti and this two square mile island is the number two most wanted DXCC country after P5 North Korea. There has been only one 10-10 member worked from Navassa Island many years ago. A group now has permission to operate a DXpedition on the island in January 2015. See future activity for KP1 below.

Ralph Fedor K0IR #2609, has put together a video about DXing and DXpedition. You can watch it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4dJcK-WVRw .

I am posting this to the 10-10 website on Dec. 1st.

Countries Award: There was one Basic Countries Award and three upgrades issued to two members this past quarter. All are taking advantage of the NO QSL cards required for awards. When you apply for any 10-10 award, you must have your dues paid up and use a form at the 10-10 website or use approved software that prints the correct forms for emailing.

General 10-10 DX reported in the past quarter:

3D2 Rotuma. Tony 3D2AG #72719, was going to Rotuma Island from September 12-26th as 3D2AG/R.

4W East Timor. Jon K7CO #50822, was in East Timor from October 19-31st. This is one of those rare 10-10 locations that you do not want to miss, so good luck with Jon in October. Website: www.nielsen.net/4w .

5W Samoa. Cliff KD6XH #4427, was operating with friends in the CQ WW SSB contest on all bands.

7O Yemen. Dmitry KP2P/7O2A #54234, was on Socotra Island off Yemen from November 26-30th. This is a very rare country in Africa so be sure to work him on any band you can.

9N Nepal. Joel F3CJ #36180, hoped to operate 9N4CJ sometime between September 24th and November 4th from Kathmandu, Nepal. Joel was mountain climbing from Oct 7-24th and did not operate his radio while climbing.

A2 Botswana. Frosty K5LBU #51322, was in country in early September for a seven day trip. LoTW

CY0 Sable Island. Randy N0TG #12990 and WD4DAN operated again from Sable for only 8 hours on September 8th. All depended on the airplane landing on the sandy beach under the control of Parks Canada.

E6 Niue. Graeme VK4FI/E6SG #37824 and Alan VK4WR, were on Niue from November 2-9th used a dipole for ten meters on CW and SSB.

F France. Pascal F5HNQ #49138 and friends, were on Oleron Island with a special call TM32O from September 21- 26th. Activity was SSB & digital modes.

FT Tromelin Island. The DXpedition to Tromelin in October was hard for the USA to work on Ten. Flo F5CWU #71812 was on Tromelin for ten days from October 30th to November 10th. The group erected four stations using call sign FT4TA on this small island in the Indian ocean near Madagascar. This was the second time a 10-10 member has been on this remote French island! Website: http://www.Tromelin2014.com .

HH Haiti. Dale N3BNA #32100 and Doug K1OY #4484, were active during the CW DX contest the end of November. They used a special call of 4V1JR from the Haiti Radio Club.

HI Dominican Republic. Mike W0MU #23887, was in Dominican the last two weeks of November, running a low power operation with wire antennas.

HS Thailand. Fred K3ZO/HS0ZAR #8859, was with friends for the CQ CW contest at the end of November.

J6 St. Lucia Island. Chas K9AW #3620 was in the CQ CW contest at the end of November with call J6/K9AW.

KL7 Alaska. David NN1N #20015, was active as KL7RA during the CW DX CW contest at the end of November.

KP2 US Virgin Islands. Fred K9VV #8707, was with friends in the Virgin Islands for the CQ CW DX contest in November using call NP2X.

KP4 Puerto Rico. Several ops will use call NP4Z during the CQ CW contest at the end of November. The only 10-10 member was Mike K9NW #29804.

P4 Aruba. John W2GD #14109, was on Santa Cruz Island for the CQ CW contest November 29th. This makes 106 trips to Aruba for John, so good luck. Scott W4PA #40521 and Brad WF7T #75294 will use PJ4Q during the CQ CW contest and other times just PJ4/call. Look for Brad to be active on the digital modes.

PJ4 Bonaire. Dennis K2SX #9023 and John K4BAI #45389, were on Bonaire for the CQ CW contest at the end of November. Contest call was PJ4A.

SV Greece. John SV3AQR #64628, has been worked several times with a 59 signal into Texas around 28450 MHZ about 1330 UTC this past quarter on SSB.

TA Turkey. A group of Bulgarian ops with help from two Turkey ops will be on Bozcaada Island from November 23rd to December 1st using call TC0A. Look for Nick LZ3ND #72407 as the only 10-10 member of the group. Web site is: Http://TC3A.alle.bg .

V3 Belize. Dennis KT5S #17181, was back in Belize during the last week of September as V31NX.

V7 Marshall Islands. Tim NL8F/V73TM #32796 and Paula NX1P, were on Majuro Atoll from November 25th to December 2nd using a HFV9 vertical on the beach.

VE Canada. Mike KI1U/VE9 #60241 was active from September 1-14th mostly CW and digital modes.

VP9 Bermuda. Ray ND8L #16810 and friends were in Bermuda from September 24-29th using call VP9I during the RTTY contest otherwise homecall/VP9. Bill K2HVN/VP9 was in Bermuda from November 3-10th.

VR Hong Kong. Jeff K0UU/VR2UU #68974 is now working in Hong Kong for the next two years. He lives in a high rise and uses a K2 radio to a long wire. LoTW.

YN Nicaragua. Mike AJ9C/YN2CC #41205, was back in Nicaragua from November 25th to December 3rd.
He likes to work the CQWW CW contest that weekend.

ZL New Zealand. Club Otago NZART ZL4AA #23512, celebrated the first radio transmit from Gt. Britain to New Zealand 90 years ago. They operated and logged contacts from October 11-18th. Good luck.

ZW/PY Brazil. Dennis W1UE/ZW5B #10948, was in Brazil for the CQ CW contest at the end of November.

Upcoming DX & New 10-10 Activity:

1S Spratly Islands. Billy WE6DX #64115, will be the only 10-10 member of a group going to Spratly Islands next year in April 2015 so good luck.

3W Vietnam. Bruce AA4XR/3W3B #11635, will be in the ARRL DX CW contest February 21-22nd. He now lives in Da Nang and uses the LoTW system to QSL.

9M2 Western Malaysia. Rich PA0RRS #24343, will be on Penang Island from January 1st to February 4th using call sign 9M2MRS on CW and RTTY. LoTW.

E6 Niue. Haru JA1XGI #55571 will be in Niue from December 1-6th mostly on CW and digital as E6XG.

JW Svalbard. Rene DL2JRM #69623, will be in Spitsbergen, SVALBARD from February 18-25th. Rene will operate all modes.

KP1 Navassa Island. Finally after twelve years of requests, a DXpedition has been authorized to take place in January 2015 for two weeks. Details at: WWW.NavassaDX.com . Landing by ship is dangerous as high cliffs surrounding the island. A twenty five foot steel ladder goes down to the water acts as a landing point. Therefore, a helicopter will be required for landing all ops and equipment on the island. No one lives on the island, the old lighthouse has lost its roof but the light building stands ok. Look for: Ralph K0IR #2609, Bob K4UEE #75256, John K6MM #13853, and John W2GD #14109 as the 10-10 members in the group. Good luck.

OZ/5P Denmark. Volker DJ8VW #69216, will be on Romo Island IOTA EU-125 from December 6-21st. He will use call sign 5P8VW on CW and SSB. QSL direct or LoTW.

TI9 Cocos Island. Jon K7CO #50822 will be on Cocos from February 16-23rd with two friends using call TI9/3Z9DX. The Website is: www.nielsen.net/TI9A .

VQ Diego Garcia Island. Bob N7XR #26991, will be back on Diego Garcia on December 3rd for three weeks using call VQ9XR or V92XR with his IC-7600 into a SpiderBeam. Website: http://www.Wake-Diego2014.org .

Miscellaneous Items & Notes:
Propagation forecast: http://www.solen.info/solar/ .
DX Calendar: http://www.dxwatch.com/ .
More propagation: http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/ .

Propagation: Over the past eleven months, average propagation was about the same as during the first peak of the cycle in November 2011 when the monthly average flux reached 153.5. The maximum flux was 193.5 in February and 181.4 this November. The solar flux has been higher than expected due to more solar flares occurring on the sun surface! I expect the solar flux to range from 130-180 this next quarter, which is the same as the past three months. Since we have been hearing Europe this fall on a regular basis, this has helped increase our contest scores above last year! On December 1st the solar flux was 168, the A index was 10 and K index 2. Look for the best conditions: December 17-19th; January 2015 11-13th; February 2015 7-9th; March 2015 2-5th. Conditions for the 2015 Winter QSO Party look like a flux of 150-160 for the February 7- 8th contest which will be equal to the 150 level we had in 2014. Over the next three months, for USA stations, expect a 50-70% chance of DX in the mornings to Europe or Africa and the same chance into Asia, South America or the Pacific in the late afternoon. To see what DX paths are open, listen for the beacons from 28.175-28.300 (especially 28.200).

New 10-10 DX members’ September to Nov. 2014:
Sept.: None; Oct.: 77132 DL0DMB, 77135 VK7LAZ; Nov.: 77145 VE3WLE, 77149 DJ1AM, 77150 DF0GDH, 77151 DK0ZGH, 77152 DL0GDT, 77167 VE3PYJ, 77168 DL9AAI.

Thanks to the QRZ-DX, The Daily DX by W3UR #25731 and the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletins. Info to Mike Davidson, 3518 Bellefontaine, Houston, TX 77025 USA Email: N5MT@aol.com .

DX IS! 73 Mike Davidson N5MT #24949
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