New to "Paperchasing", need how-to guide

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New to "Paperchasing", need how-to guide

Postby WF7BSR » Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:03 pm

Hello, my name is Raymond - WF7BSR.

I know absolutely nothing regarding the "Paperchasing" I've seen mentioned here and on the 10-10 website, and hoped someone could point me in the direction of a guide/manual that would explain how it works (in terms a computer-illiterate person can understand).

Until recently my understanding of this was only to exchange 10-10 numbers with others on-air, but I have listened to others talk of exchanging lists and that sort of thing...and do not know what they are talking about.

What is/are the lists mentioned on the 10-10 website? What am I supposed to keep a list of? I keep track of 10-10 Numbers from members when I work them, but that is all I have so far. How do I acquire points by maintaining the lists, and how do I gain points by sharing lists with other members?

How does my point value increase? They also mentioned a Chapter Worksheet, that I would need to get from the Certificate Manager of a local Chapter of 10-10...what is that used for, and what do I put on the worksheet? The 10-10 website also mentioned Chapter Seals -- what are they, and how does one obtain them, and how/what are they used for in regards to the "points" and paperchasing?

I understand the basic concepts of the things like "Worked All States", and getting Certificates for working a particular number of 10-10 Members, and that sort of thing. The parts that are extremely vague, and aren't explained at all on the 10-10 website are the questions I asked above.

I keep my logs on paper currently, as I have only been back on the air for about a month, after being gone since 2012; and in 2012 I only operated for a cpl months after getting my Tech. Lic. So I am pretty much starting over, for all intents and purposes, as I've forgotten what little I thought I'd learned back in 2012.

Anyway, if there is a guide to this paperchasing stuff someone could point me to, I would appreciate it, so I can start making lists to exchange. Don't send me links to the "Paperchasing" pages on the 10-10 website, because that is why I have all these questions...the information on the website gives no details, and just mentions lists, points, Chapter Certificates, etc., but no information about what specifically is supposed to be on the lists, and how do I use the lists in regards to gaining points or sharing points by exchanging the lists, etc.

Thank you for your time and assistance.
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