TenX DX Sept 2017 by Mike N5MT DX Editor

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TenX DX Sept 2017 by Mike N5MT DX Editor

Postby n5mtmike » Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:11 am

TenX DX News Sept. 1, 2017

Mike Davidson N5MT, #24949

There was a 10-10 table at the Irving TX hamfest on June 9-10th with the help of our past President, Mel KD5DE #33513 and myself. We renewed about ten members and received a few scholarship donations for our efforts. The crowd at HamCom was twice the size of the Houston hamfest in March, as there is a bigger ham base in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. We logged a lot of names in the 10-10 table sign-in book.

The season has changed to Fall for us in the USA and propagation on Ten is unpredictable but we do have days when there is one hop E-propagation. I try to check-in to the daily net on 28380 at least twice a week but my average is I can only hear it once a week. Our Field Day outing this year was a great success. We had about 150 contacts on Ten plus some contacts on 6 Meters! Propagation was not as good on 20 meters but we did make more contacts this year with a better SSB setup with two new antennas.

The Summer QSO Party 2017 had better propagation than the previous year. This year, I made 363 QSOs, had 43 new 10-10 members and six DX contacts, which was a hundred and fifty more than last year. The station that won the contest was Al N5XZ, who made one big contact with Europe when a station from Sardinia Italy called him.

The range of solar flux has set a record of being less than eight points from the high and low for the month of June 2017! The high was 79.4 the low 71.5, a difference of 7.9! This is another indication that the cycle is reaching its end. I still expect poor conditions on Ten for the next two years as this cycle reaches its final days and this cycle ends. The flux will stay in the 70's and 80's for the rest of Cycle 24 and Cycle 25 is expected to start about the fall of 2019. I just submitted my daily and contest logs to the LoTW system so be sure to upload your logs at least each quarter! North Korea P5 still is the number one most wanted country/entity for many hams that missed it in the past.

Countries Award: There was one Basic Countries Award submitted and two upgrades issued this quarter. There have only been two members that have ever turned in a batch of 100 countries and we got one from David 4X6DK #36972 this past month. All 100 of his contacts were validated OK and I mailed his certificate to him airmail back to Israel. During the past ten years we have only had twenty-five Basic awards issued. There have been 117 member applications in those ten years with an average of 183 upgrade apps submitted. Each app averaged about 9 countries so I verified at least 1650 countries over ten years. So be sure to read the Rules at the 10-10 website for all awards and do not make a mistake. If you apply for any award, get the correct forms at the 10-10 website.

I am posting this to the 10-10 website on September 1st.

General 10-10 DX reported in the past quarter:

9H Malta. Haru JA1XGI #55571, was active as 9H3XG from Malta from June 7-12th but no reports on Ten meter.

E5 S. Cook Islands. Doug W6HB/E51DLD #58854, returned to Rarotonga for his 5th trip to the island. He arrived on August 27th, with his wife and will leave Sept 8th.

EA Spain. Rene DL2JRM/EA1 #69623, was on Arosa Island Spain from August 16-18th, mostly on CW.

FP St.Pierre & Miquelon. Eric KV1J #31247, returned for his 11th trip to Miquelon from July 4-18th. LoTW. Website: http://www.KV1J.com/FP/July17.html .

GB England. Cis ON6LY #73607, operated briefly in the IOTA contest July 29-30th as GB9IOW with friends.

HL South Korea. Mike K5MDK/HL5ZEG #75783, was in S. Korea in July/August but was not able to operate.

PJ7 St. Maarten. John PJ7/W9KXQ #20018, operated from St. Maarten from June 14-28th but no reports on Ten.

TI Costa Rica. Kam N3KS #11541 and friends, used call TE8DX on Chira Island, Costa Rica from June 8-12th.

V3 Belize. Bob Church K7YB #35676, has moved to San Ignacio, Belize and is using call V31YB. Bob has operated from Belize in 2013/2014 with the same call.

Z2 Zimbabwe. Tom KC0W #67688, was back on the road again from Zimbabwe Africa, using call Z25DX until June 17th on CW, all bands. No LoTW.

Upcoming DX & New 10-10 Activity:

3Y0 Bouvet Island. Two members have been issued a license for Bouvet Island: Dmitri KP2P/RA9USU #54234 and Mark ON4WW #49103. Another DX group have plans in early 2018 to go to Bouvet, so will the two groups conflict with each other? Web: http://www.bouvetdx.org .

5W Samoa. Al K7AR #2736, will be going to Apia, Samoa from September 19 - 29th on a vacation. He will try to operate with the new FT8 digital mode. LoTW.

8P Barbados. Mac WT4BT #76242, will be in Barbados with friends starting November 4-10th at New Moon Villa in Upper Carlton on the beach. http://Www.qrz.com/db/8P9MT.

9U Burundi. A DXpedition to Burundi Africa, will take place from November 6-17th by a large group. Team leader is Antonio IZ8CCW #70101and the other 10-10 member is Gerard F2JD #63443, who likes CW. Good luck.

A2 Botswana. Andre NJ0F/ZS6WPX #73604, is setting up station A25A in Gaborone, Botswana starting October 25th to November 2nd. The station will be offered for use to others in 2018 so contact Andre VanWyk as needed.

FJ St. Barthelemy Island. A group of four operators will be on Pointe Milou, St. Bart from October 17-26th. The only 10-10 member is Greg W0ZA #15171. They will operate CW, SSB and RTTY into a SteppIR vertical and a big Hexbeam, on whatever band is open. Good luck.

FS/PJ7 St.Martin & Sint Maarten. Jim K3NK #25287 and W3HNK, will be on the islands from October 23rd to November 1st during the CQ WW DX SSB contest. Outside the contest, he will use PJ7/K3NK and FS/K3NK.

KG4 Guantanamo Bay. Bill W4WV/KG4WV #26180, will arrive in Gitmo on October 6th for a two week stay. Look for CW, SSB and digital modes.

KH1 Baker & Howland Islands. A DXpedition to the 4th most wanted country will take place the third week of June 2018. A ship has been chartered, the US Fish and Wildlife has given their permission and a plan has started. Look for Don N1DG #27629 to be one of the co-leaders.

PJ4 Bonaire. Scott W4PA #40521 will lead a group to operate PJ4Q from October 23rd to November 1st. They will be in the CQ WW DX SSB contest and outside the contest.

T31 Central Kiribati. A twelve day DXpedition is being planned for October 2017 to Kanton Island using call sign T31W. Members are: Arnie N6HC #29959, and Gene K5GS #15119. Website: http://www.T31W.com.

VE Canada. Garry VE3XN #10120, has a special call VX3100 but has not been spotted on Ten by DXSummit.

VK9/M Mellish Reef. A DXpedition to Mellish Reef will take place from November 1-16th by nine operators using call VK9MA. The only 10-10 member is Hawk SM5AQD #52781. Mellish is the 29th most wanted country and their website is: https://vk9ma.com .

YN Nicaragua. Mike AJ9C #41205, will be using call YN2CC from November 21-29th for the CQ WW DX CW contest. He will operate SSB & RTTY other times. LoTW.

ZL New Zealand. Roly ZL1BQD #19039 could be using a special call sign ZL40BQD all year 2017. LoTW.

Miscellaneous Items & Notes:

Propagation forecast: http://www.solen.info/solar/ ,
http://www.SolarHam.net and http://ARRL.org/Propagation .
More propagation: http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/ .
DX Calendar: http://www.dxwatch.com/ .
DX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4dJcK-WVRw.

Propagation: I expect the solar flux to range from 67-90 during the fall months of 2017. The Fall Equinox is on September 21st, when HF propagation will shift to east/west propagation paths. Just a few days after the Equinox will be the start of our fall DX contest season in the US.

The peak solar flux of this cycle was in February 2014 with a value of 170.3. Our solar cycle #24, has been the weakest solar cycle in more than a 100 years and it is slowly going through the solar minimum phase which ends with the beginning of cycle #25, probably in twenty-five to thirty months. There have been a few CME flares on the sun this summer, but the X-ray output from the sun was minimal. I just saw the solar eclipse and observed three flares in the rim light, which was exciting! The natural cycle of the sun is still 11 years and we are now 8 2/3 years into cycle #24. I predict cycle #25 will start about the end of 2019 and it will be weaker than our current cycle #24!

The maximum solar flux for each month of 2017 was: Jan 87, Feb 83, March 91, April 112, May 82, June 79, July 95 and August 93.
The minimum flux for the same period 2017: Jan 71, Feb 72, March 70, April 71, May 69, June 71, July 68 and August 68. Note: A first for this cycle, in June, the flux stayed within 8 points of the high and low!

On September 1st, the solar flux was 93, the A index was 19 and K index 4. The sun has produced several solar flares that could be seen during the solar eclipse on August 21st. The solar flux high for August 2017 was 50 points lower than the May 2016 high of 123.

My Prediction: Over the next four months, the best conditions: Sept 17-21st, Oct 15-18th, Nov 11-13th, Dec 8-12th which is the ARRL 10 Meter contest weekend. For USA, expect slight chance of DX to Europe or Asia with a 25% chance of DX to S. America and the S. Pacific, later in the day. Listen to the beacons from 28.175-28.300 so you will know which direction the DX signal is coming.

New 10-10 DX members’ June to August 2017: June: None; July: 77565 DO8ED; Aug: 77569 VA3QWW.

Thanks to the QRZ-DX, The Daily DX by W3UR #25731 and the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletins. Info to Mike Davidson, 3518 Bellefontaine, Houston, TX 77025 USA Email: N5MT@aol.com .

DX IS! 73 Mike Davidson N5MT #24949
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