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Convention Shopping Cart

Postby kd5de » Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:42 pm

To make your shopping cart experience a bit more enjoyable I have posted the following step by step.

Make sure you have cookies allowed for this session at least. So lets walk through it one at a time.

1. Click on registration input call sign, input the number of registrations required, and then click on add to cart.

2. When the Cart screen comes up it will show number ordered and amount of purchase. If the quantity is wrong simply change it and click on the button with the two arrows chasing each other. BTW that little button is the refresh.

3. Click back to shopping. Please note three little buttons center screen (Prev) (Listing) (Next). Click on Listing and continue to the next product.

Hope this helps, contact me if you have any problems.
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