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Postby N9AC » Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:26 pm

Hello Everyone. After considerable thought and discussion with numerous 10-10 members, I have decided to cancel future W6OI Special Events. This is mainly due to rapidly decreasing yearly participation by volunteers and those operating the event. Also a major factor is the very poor propagation on 10-meters and promise of years to come of poor propagation. Will continue to monitor the various 10-10 QSO parties to see how activity fairs and how propagation progresses. A decision on future Special Events for W6OI will be decided yearly.

In summary for the most recent 2015 Special event, only 16 members operated W6OI from most U.S. call areas, two members operated VE9TEN in Canada, and DL0X was on the air from Germany! Band conditions were poor. The volunteers made about 600 contacts - mostly on SSB, with some on PSK, CW, and RTTY. Approximately 300 10-10 members were contacted and 300 contacts with non-members.

Thanks to all who have participated as volunteers and those who have made contacts during the event with our volunteers. I'd be happy to hear back from any and all viewing this post on ideas for future activity that can keep our 10-10 Organization moving forward and gaining strength.

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