Checking in to 10-10 Nets

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Checking in to 10-10 Nets

Postby K5FBS » Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:07 pm

A common courtesy of checking in to 10-10 nets, whether it be the regular 10-10 nets on 28.380 MHz and 28.800 MHz or any of the chapter nets,
is to stay on the net until those who have already checked in have a chance to work you.
I have been trying to check into any and all of the chapter nets and do so when I can hear them. Last evening I checked into the Cypress Chapter net and
then the S.H.O.T. net. Needless to say, I missed working a few more 10-10ers had they stayed around a little longer.
I have heard some of the net control stations asking of the new check-ins that they stay around to see if there might be someone already checked in
who would like to work them. It might be a good idea if all of us, the net control stations, make it habit to do this.

Thanks, Cliff, K5FBS
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Re: Checking in to 10-10 Nets

Postby KE6GTR » Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:37 pm

Good suggestion. I could not believe the very short skip this AM and worked the Channel Island net down south about 300 miles. So worked a few new people. The e skip has been good this summer.
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