New Membership Rates and Elkectronic Delivery

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New Membership Rates and Elkectronic Delivery

Postby kd5de » Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:11 pm

Well all of you are aware that on the 1st of April we will have some membership fee changes and a new fixed rate Electronic Delivery Membership. The rate table is linked from the main page of the web site. Yesterday in the snail mail our Data Manager received and three year Electronic Delivery renewal. That is screwy enough being over three weeks before there is such a membership category. What really takes the cake is there was no email address anywhere on the form! Gosh,what are we to do?

Please hold off until after the first. We will have to shut down the cart the last week of the month. Put all the forms in place, and add the changes to the cart. After all this is done and tested sometime during the day on the first of April we will bring the cart online. Please remember that the web site is maintained by volunteers, in the same manner as Ten-Ten itself.

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