City of Roses & Portland Bridges

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City of Roses & Portland Bridges

Postby k7prz » Sun Apr 05, 2009 1:30 pm

City of Roses and Portland Bridges

New CM and CH: Dave Becker, k7prz
We are still rebuilding the database but I'll accept upgrades at any time in any form.
Please indicate any and all information you can produce to help me check for errors in our data.
The rules and formulas may change but we will continue to make the chapter fun to work.
Please indicate your "on air" point value and the total number of points you have collected.
Since I have no idea what your previous points may have been, I need the grand total.
Same with seals. Let me know how many of each of the seals you have collected.

Local Monday Evening net at 7:30pm Pacific time on 28.450

Hope to see you in Orlando.


731 NW 209th Street
Ridgefield, WA 98642 (My Porltand Oregon PO Box 5933 is still good also)
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Re: City of Roses & Portland Bridges

Postby G4KHF » Mon Apr 06, 2009 11:32 am

Hi Dave..
Is there anywhere I can go to find out details of your present award/upgrade Programme with a view to upgrading etc.. I need to make sure I start with as much info as I can..Hi
Dave G4KHF...
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Re: City of Roses & Portland Bridges

Postby k7prz » Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:59 pm

Hi Dave:

The web pages for the Chapter have been taken down. Upgrades can be emailed to my address
listed below.

I have not come up with a solid upgrade formula yet. You will get Y "on air points" per X new points that you collect
like most chapters. For City of Roses I believe it was 1 per 500. May have been the same for Portland Bridges.
Thus, the point values move up slowly unlike some chapters. I believe the only collectible seals were the WAS, PSK
and convention seals. We got extra points for reaching unique contact brackets but I think I'll drop that. However nobody will
lose any points. The worksheets for Portland Bridges will probably be changed since we have less paperchasers and
they could be impossible to complete.

A word about the word "chapter." The previous CM/CH considered the Portland Bridges an AWARD of the City of Roses.
I don't know how 1010 feels about it, but I'd rather it be called a chapter that can stand alone. Since it had separate numbering, point values, and it's own certificate (which by the way we don't have a master blank copy of anymore)
it seems like it could be disconnect from City of Roses except membership in COR could still be required to join Portland
Bridges. This has not been fully thought out. To be announced later.

So in summary, to upgrade either entity, send me your total number of points and the total number of seals worked.
I also need your pre-upgrade net on-air points so I'll know where to start. If you want to send a complete listing of
everyone you ever worked, their point values, etc. that you used to find out your grand total of points, that would be
nice---helps check my own database. If you have the date of your last upgrade, let me know that. If not, no problem.

I have a lot of missing numbers from the last few years of new people who joined but have never been very active.
They may have joined at conventions but didn't give out their number anywhere else (Gasp!) but with band being
so poorly, it's expected.

Feel free to post comments, suggestions, or questions here or email me directly at

Address on is correct:

Dave Becker
731 NW 209th Street
Ridgefield, WA 98642

I still maintain my PO Box in Portland. I live about 10 miles north of Portland.
Old COR info might use my old box number when I was CM 12 years ago.
Current PO box in Portland is 5933 with a Zip of 97228


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