Tenx DX March 2009 by Mike N5MT

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Tenx DX March 2009 by Mike N5MT

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TenX DX News March 12, 2009

Mike Davidson N5MT, #24949

This issue is dedicated to Jim Smith VK9NS #47404 who was my DX friend and a first class gentleman. Jim held the ARRL Number One Honor Roll for DXCC having worked all countries on SSB. Jim got into amateur radio at age 18 in 1947 and he was on the air until he passed away on February 10, 2009 after a short illness at the age of 80.

I invited Jim to join 10-10 and he accepted my offer just before he went on one of his South Pacific trips in late 1988. I heard him work his ten needed 10-10 members and I sent in his application for membership. A few days later, I passed his newly assigned number 47404, to him over the air to be the first to exchange numbers with him.

I met Jim for the first time in 1983 at Dayton where he was taking in one of the DX forums. He was a popular guy since he was going places that people needed for DXCC. He had a great Scottish accent so I had to listen closely to pick up everything but he knew his facts and had first hand knowledge about the DX world that I was interested in learning.

Most times when I needed to talk with Jim he was on the 14.222 MHZ Heard Island DX net and over the years we got to recognize each other’s voice. Jim and his wife Kirsti VK9NL, were the first om/yl team to go to Heard Island and operate from this rare place in 1983. They barely made it back home because their boat had engine trouble in the Indian Ocean on the return trip home.

In April 1986 Jim was inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame. Jim’s last project was writing an autobiography, "The Old Timer" http://www.jimkirsti.com/books.html . Jim is survived by his wife Kirsti, VK9NL, and his four children. Comments can be sent to Kirsti via e-mail at: JimKirsti@ni.net.nf . Jim’s life is recalled by his son Bruce in an interview at http://dokufunk.org/VK9NS .

Countries Award: The total number of basic certificates issued is 622. I had no Basic certificates and no upgrades this past quarter. Please, copy your QSL cards instead of sending the originals to save postage and use the website before you send an application or just email any questions to me at N5MT@aol.com.

General 10-10 DX reported in the past quarter:

5K0 San Andres. Mike K5UO #24053, with Cal WF5W and Rob HK3CW used callsign 5K0CW on San Andres Island from January 24-25th.

CT Portugal. Marq CT1BWW #64689 has been using a special callsign CS6BWW, during January, February and March contests. QSL via the bureau.

CT Madeira Islands. Falk DK7YY #23467 and friends used callsign CT9L during the ARRL DX CW contest. They used CT3/home call before and after the contest. QSL to their home callsigns. Falk will be on the island from February 17th to March 10th.

HR2 Honduras. Jim W9GL #5266, is using the callsign HR2/W9GL from Honduras until December 15th.

KH6 Hawaii. Bill KH6/AC0W #71644, was in Hawaii in early March for the ARRL DX Phone Contest. QSL via AC0W or LoTW.

J3 Grenada. Bill K4LTA/J37BO #14696 and Ruby K4UPS/J73RO, were to be on Grenada starting February 17th until March 4th. During any contest he operated as
J38A, using a 100-watt rig and G5RV on CW, SSB and digital modes.

NP2 US Virgin Islands. Tony N2TK #22425, was on St. Croix, between February 25th and March 11th using call N2TK/NP2. His contest callsign is KP2M.

T2 Tuvalu. Bill N7OU #69318 and Bob W7YAQ, arrived and began to operate mostly on CW with some RTTY. Bob was T27A and Bill was T27OU from February 17th to March 2nd. QSL via their home calls.

TA Turkey. Rene TA0/DL2JRM #69623 was on CW from Kekova Island from February 23-25th.

TS7C Tunisia. Jean-Paul F8BJI #71704 and Flo F5CWU #71812 were with two dozen operators in Tunisia from January 8-19th .

VP2M Montserrat. Mike W1USN/VP2MPR #51238 and Bob AA1M/VP2MPL were active from Montserrat from February 25th to March 7th. They operated CW, SSB and PSK31. QSL via home calls.

W USA. Fred N5IVZ #33575, was active from South Padre Island on February 28th.

YN Nicaragua. Stan AC8W/YN2WW #62885, Lee N8LJ/YN2LJ #61088 and friend’s K8DD, KB8TXZ were active from February 17-24th.

ZF Grand Cayman Island. Father and son team Gary W2VQ #73708 and Paul WQ2N #74295l, were on as ZF2VQ and ZF2NN from December 28th to January 3rd 2009 using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL their home calls.

ZF Caymen Islands. Bob K3UL #1220, was expected to operate mostly CW as ZF2UL from the Cayman Islands from February 28th to March 7th.

Upcoming DX & New 10-10 Activity:

C6 Bahamas Islands. Fred K9VV #8707, and three friends will use callsign C6AKU during the WPX CW contest at the end of May. QSL via K5WW or LoTW.

C9 Mozambique. Members of the Texas DX Society will travel to C9 from March 25th to April 5th. The callsign is C91TX. They will use three stations, one each for CW, SSB, and digital modes. Operators are: Paul W5PF #5921, Jim N4AL #21840, Bill K5WAF #73432, Cal WF5W, Madison W5MJ, and Dale KG5U. They hope to have an online log search page once operations start. A web page at: http://www.tdxs.net/c91.html .

9M2 Malaysia. Rich PA0RRS #24343, will move to Malaysia May 1st. His new call will be 9M2MRS on Penang Island, starting with 20M only with a dipole. Rich likes CW but will do a little SSB by request. QSL via 9M2MRS direct or bureau. Direct address: Richard Smeets, Reef Apartment Building, 54-7-12 Jalan Low Yat, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Penang Island, Malaysia.

CY0 Sable Island. Randy N0TG #12998 , Ron AA4VK #12423 and Murray WA4DAN will be flying to Sable Island for a DXpedition from October 7- 14th. They plan three complete HF stations using mostly verticals since the island is all sand and completely surrounded by saltwater. They hope to be on all bands, SSB and CW. They used callsign CY0XX in October 1996. The website is: www.CY0dxpedition.com .

HH Haiti. Jan K4QD #13423 and Don AF4Z, will be active as HH4/homecall from the NW Haiti Christian Mission between March 24th and April 4th. They will operate CW, SSB and RTTY as time and power permit.

KG4 Guantanamo Bay. Dan W0CN #27026 will be active as KG4CN from Guantanamo Bay from April 10th - 20th. Dan will operate SSB and some CW. QSL via W0CN or LoTW.

K5D Desecheo Island. The DXpedition to Desecheo Island ended with 115,783 contacts but only 230 on ten meters! If anyone swapped 10-10 numbers it was done in a rush as the ops were always playing it as fast as possible. Your editor made it into the log so good luck.

LZ Bulgaria. Gosho LZ1ZF #38328, will participate with a special callsign LZ09BR and others during 2009. Website: http://www.mustafakemalpasatrac.org/ .

KP2 US Virgin Islands. Ann KP2YL #70464 and Brian KP2HC, will be back on St Croix from March 28th to April 7th. They'll be active on SSB/CW on all bands.

KH4 Midway. October 2009 maybe four members.

OA Peru. Rene DL2JRM #69623 and Daniel DL5YWM, will be back in Lima, starting April 7th through early May. Rene will be active as OA4/DL2JRM mostly on CW. They may take a side trip to Coast Rica and be part of the TI7 DXpedition from April 17-20th.

OZ Denmark. Rene DL2JRM #69623 and DO6XX will be on a Denmark island from July 18th to August 1st. They will operate CW with 100 watts into a dipole.

PY0F Fernando de Noronha Island. Bill W9VA #2706 and Jim K9PPY, will be active as PS0F March 3rd -10th using the station of Andre PY0FF.

V2 Antigua. From March 10th- 19th, Bob W4OWY #21678 (V25WY), and Mark W9OP #12879 (V25OP), will be on the air from March 10th to 19th. QSLs via home calls, direct, via bureau, per LoTW.

VE Canada. April 1st to May 31st Canadian hams with a VA prefix may use an XL prefix, VEs may use XM, VO may use XN and VY stations may use XO prefixes.

V3 Belize. Terry W6WTG #49407 and Sharon N2OWL, will try to be on from Caye Caulker from July 22-29th, 2009. Callsign will be V31UR. Logs uploaded to LoTW. Web site: http://www.w6wtg.com .

VP5 Turks and Caicos Islands. Dave W5CW #6506 will start operating March 24th from the Turks and Caicos Islands on CW and SSB. He will be focusing on 12, 17 and 30 meters. During the WPX SSB Contest he will be operating with special call VP59V. QSL via W5CW.

YN Nicaragua. Eric K9GY #22330, will travel to Nicaragua again for the WPX CW contest May 30-31st. Eric will use YN2/K9GY and plans to be on all bands using low power. QSL to his home call.

Miscellaneous Items & Notes:

HB Switzerland. All Swiss hams can use the prefix’s HE8 and HB8 during the entire year of 2009 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Swiss National Ham Society.
DXTELNET A new version of DXTelnet32 at: http://golist.net/dldxt.cfm . This new version provides full support to the new DX Summit.

You can see the solar progress and graphs at the NOAA website: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/SolarCycle .
Daily report of sunspot and propagation: http://www.dxlc.com/solar/ .
Solar Forecast: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/forecast.html .
Info on IRCs/US$ needed for postage to the USA is at: http://www.qsl.net/w9ol/ircchart.txt .
QSL help: http://files.billnjudy.com/ .
QSL ROUTES. http://f6gcp.free.fr/qslinfos.htm .
DX Calendar/News: http://www.dxwatch.com/ .

Propagation: Propagation continues to be poor as the Cycle 24 strains to begin in 2009. The lowest solar flux reading was in August 2008 but it has been many months since solar conditions have hit bottom.

Expect the daily solar flux to range from 71-85 the next quarter. On March 9th the solar flux was 69 the A index 1 and K index 0 which is the same as the last nine months. X-ray emissions from the sun have not improved and the flux remains flat with a small chance of a storm or flare which will increase the flux when active.

Expect the best conditions on March 24-26th, April 20-22th, May 17-19th and June 20-23th. Over the next three months, for USA stations, expect a 15% chance of DX in the mornings to Asia, Europe or Africa and a 20% chance into South America or the Pacific in the afternoon. To tell what DX paths are open, use the beacons from 28.175-28.300 (especially 28.200).
Follow Cycle 24. Look at this Web site: http://www.solarcycle24.com/ .

NO New DX members’ first quarter 2009:

Thanks to the DXNL, The Daily DX by W3UR #25731, QRZ-DX, Lee KH6BZF #8888 & Ohio/Penn DX Bulletins. Send photos/info to Mike Davidson, 3518 Bellefontaine, Houston, TX 77025 USA
Email: N5MT@aol.com

DX IS! 73 Mike Davidson N5MT #24949
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