10-10 New Membes for March 2011

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10-10 New Membes for March 2011

Postby WA6POZ » Mon May 16, 2011 2:34 am

10-10 New Members for Mar 2011

75866 DO1KEY Jan Nikolaus Keyling DX
75867 AB4QS Mickey R Cain FL
75868 DD8EI Luder Haarhoff DX
75869 KD4BKZ James R Palmer Jr CA
75870 AI4C Billy L Tyler FL
75871 W 4YTB Roman Belopolsky FL
75872 K 4KMI David Cottrell NC
75873 W 7LHT Zachary J Milne OR
75874 AE7A Randon L Taylor OR
75876 ZL1KNI James Knightly DX
75877 KC5JAR Darrell G Kirk TX
75878 K 9DKB Huntington County 440 Repeater Group IN
75879 W 3MRM Michael R Majeska TX
75880 N 1SOB Burnard E Everett NC
75881 KB9AQG Dewey H Rushin Jr IN
75882 K 4BNF Ben L Faulk FL
75883 KJ4LWV Del F Hurley Sr GA
75884 KC5MNX Kenneth J Farris Sr LA
75885 DF0VK DARC OV-Bergkamen 047 DX
75886 W 6TOI Downey ARC CA
75887 K 4JWA Jimmy W Adams WV
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