TenX DX March 2008 by Mike N5MT

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TenX DX March 2008 by Mike N5MT

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TenX DX News March 13, 2008

Mike Davidson N5MT, #24949

There have been two large DXpeditions from the Pacific Ocean this past quarter. The TX5C DXpedition to Clipperton Atoll, started on March 7th and is now expected to QRT early on March 15th. The other was Ducie Island with callsign VP6DX. Both DXpeditions will have had 10-10 activity but it all depends on what operator you find on ten meters when you work them. Now for some details.
The grandest of the two DXpeditions was from Ducie Island located 540 kilometers east of Pitcairn Island. The callsign used was VP6DX and there were three 10-10 members in the group. However, one of our members forgot his number and was telling people that he did not have a number so I guess he left it back in Germany! I know that our Russian friend Andy did give out his number when asked. These were our members: Andy UA3AB #23433, Milt N5IA #8469 and Carsten DL6LAU #58930.
VP6DX set many new DXpedition records, like most contacts 183,686 QSO’s and other records that will stand up for years. They were on Ducie Island for sixteen days operating around the clock with multiple antennas and radios. They averaged over 475 contacts per hour once they were setup and running. That is a fantastic rate to keep up for sixteen days! The QSL process is ONLINE and the preferred method. You can receive your card via the bureau at a later date or with a donation, you can receive your card mailed direct to your home address. Their 2008 website has all the details: http://www.vp6dx.com.
The DXpedition now running is on Clipperton Atoll with the callsign TX5C and they are on the air all the time with several stations and making lots of contacts. There are three 10-10 members in this group: Ann WA1S #48144, Arnie N6HC #29959, and Gerard F2JD #63443. I have already worked Gerard but my contact was on 160 so I am still looking for Ann WA1S on ten. I only need to make a few WARC band contacts with them and maybe an RTTY contact to get what I need. But many people are making it a challenge to work them on as many as 20 band/modes while they are there. I already have a 10-10 contact from Clipperton from a past DXpedition but I would like to work Ann WA1S since she always gives out her number if asked.
The Clipperton DXpedition was to stay ten to twelve days but plans have changed as bad weather has made operating difficult. They had a bad start with weather delays. This island is an easy catch if you can beam south from the USA. Website info: http://www.clipperton2008.org . Good luck.

Countries Award: The total number of basic certificates issued is 619. I had no basic certificate and 5 upgrades this past quarter. Basic Certificates and upgrades are now FREE. Copy your QSL or eQSL cards instead of sending the originals to save postage. Please use the website before you send an application or email any questions to me. _______________________________________________

General 10-10 DX reported in the past quarter:

C6 Bahamas. Bob N4BP #3268, and friends were in the ARRL CW DX Contest in February using C6AKQ. Fred K9VV #8707 used call C6AKU.
C6 Bahamas. Randy W6SJ #73541, was using callsign C6AWS from Grand Bahama from Mar 6-11th. Randy likes the WARC bands so good luck on ten meters.
ES Estonia. Vello ES1QD #54271, was using ES90M from Muhu Island in February. QSL to his home call. During the month of February, many stations were using the ES90 prefix to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Estonian Republic.
GJ Jersey Islands. Flo F5CWU #71812,Terry F5MOO #70603 and Sylvain, F4EGD were active as homecalls/MJ until January 6th. Tom GM4FDM #31864 was using call GJ4FDM, until January 6. QSL to home calls.
HK Columbia. 5K3W had a special Colombian callsign for Siso HK3W #62282, in late February.
HK0/5J0E San Andres Island. Members of the Texas DX Society hit the airwaves from San Andres Island March 1-6th. They used 5J0E on SSB, CW and digital modes. Operators: Paul W5PF #5921, Bill K5WAF #73432, Chuck W5PR #7412, Jim N4AL #21840, Cal WF5W and Keith NM5G. QSL to W5PF. http://www.tdxs.net/hk0.html.
PJ2 Bonaire, Curacao Islands. Goose, PJ2/W8AV #25365 was on from Curacao from February 4-18th while on holiday. He operated HF using CW and some RTTY.
T32 Christmas Island. Bill N7OU #69318, has been loud on 17 CW from Christmas as T32OU. Bill was still there February 25th and unknown when he is leaving.
TX5C Clipperton Atoll. Ann WA1S #48144, Arnie N6HC #29959, Gerard F2JD #63443 and a large group of operators are now on Clipperton using the TX5C callsign for ten or twelve days starting March 7th. There has been 10-10 activity from Clipperton with previous DXpeditions.
V2 Antigua. Pete N0FW #30703 was using V25FW and Rod KE0A #31564 was using V26GF, until January 2nd. QSL V25FW via W8QID and V26GF via KE0A.
V4 St. Kitts & Nevis Islands. Mike W1USN #51238, Bob AA1M #17930 and Scott W1SSR, were on St. Kitts in late February and early March. Callsign unknown, sorry.

Upcoming DX & New 10-10 Activity:

3W Vietnam. Stan 3W9JR/OK1JR #20103, is expected to be in Hanoi for one to two more years. QSL via OK1JN.
6Y5 Jamaica. Frank K3TRM #69974, will be portable in Jamaica from March 14- 23rd. He hopes to be the first to use the sixty meter band in Jamaica with callsign K3TRM/6Y5.
9X Rwanda. A dozen operators will be in Rwanda from March 16- 27th. Unfortunately no 10-10 members.
CX Uruguay. Dale N3BNA #32100, Thomas ZP5AZL, and Jorge CX6VM, will use the callsign CW6V in the ARRL SSB DX Contest.
EL Liberia. Bruno HB9BEI #21124, will go to Monrovia, Liberia on March 16th. A few days later he travels to northern Liberia to Lofa where he will be installing network and electrical service in a hospital. His friend Chris HB9AUZ, will join him March 30th and they expect to stay for one month. They plan to be on the ham bands during free time. Bruno will be on SSB and digital modes as EL8BK.
HK0 San Andres. Dennis K7BV #5414, will travel to HK0 San Andres Island on June 28th for nine days. Website: http://www.qth.com/k7bv/caribe2008. He was hoping to be HI3TEJ for ARRL DX CW in February.
HR Honduras. A DXpedition to Swan Island off Honduras will happen from March 15-23rd. The callsign will be HQ8R. The only 10-10 member is Lane KC4CD #26312 of the ten operators using one CW, one digital and two SSB stations. Web page: http://www.hondurasdx.com .
OZ Denmark. Look for Klaus DK9LO #21130, from March 8-21st as OZ/DK9LO on Romo Island.
TK Corsica. A group of operators will be using the callsign TK7C while on Corsica from May 3-10th. The operators will be Jean-Paul F8BJI #71704, Laurent F1JKJ #74675, F6BIV, F4TTR, F5AGB, and F9IE. They plan to be on CW, SSB and digital. Jean-Paul likes RTTY.
V2 Antigua. Bob W4OWY/V25WY #21678 and Mark W9OP/V25OP #12879 will be on the air until March 18th. Activity is on CW, SSB and RTTY.
V3 Belize. Dennis K7BV #5414, has announced his plans for a June/July 2008 DXpedition to two islands in the Caribbean. He will be on six meters and all HF bands when six is not open. His first stop will be at Caye Caulker Island in Belize from June 20-26th. He will move to San Andres Island from June 28th to July 6th. Dennis is hoping for some financial support to help with the trip cost. Donations to Mick W1JJ who is also the QSL manager. Website at: http://www.qth.com/k7bv/caribe2008 .
VP5 Provo Island. Bruce W4OV #7344 and non-members KX4WW, W4VIC, and W9RN will be using VP5/home calls from March 21st to April 1st. A special call VQ59W will be available for the WPX SSB Contest. Info at http://vadxcg.com/VQ59W.htm .
YI Afghanistan. David K5QWO #74072 (YI9QWO, EL2RL), plans to be going to Afghanistan about March 7th. He'll be taking a 100 watt radio and CW key.
ZD9 Tristan da Cunha Island. Tom KC0W #67688, is now active as ZD7X from St. Helena. Tom will leave St. Helena in April and go to Tristan for up to six months. He hopes to extend his travels by spending two weeks each on South Sandwich, South Orkney and South Georgia Islands.

Miscellaneous Items & Notes:

Postage Increase May 12th. Current New First-Class Mail Letter for 1 oz. was 41¢, goes up to 42¢, two ounce rate was 58¢ goes to 59¢. First-Class to Canada or Mexico for 1 oz. was 69¢ goes to 72¢. First-Class International Letter: (1 oz. to other countries) was 90¢ goes to 94¢. Website at: http://www.usps.com/prices .

You can see the solar progress and graphs at the NOAA website: http://www.sec.noaa.gov/SolarCycle/.
Solar Forecast: http://www.sel.noaa.gov/forecast.html. Information on IRCs/US$ needed for postage to the USA is at: http://www.qsl.net/w9ol/ircchart.txt .
QSL help: http://files.billnjudy.com/.
DX Calendar: An interactive DX Calendar based on 425 DX News is available at http://www.dxwatch.com/.

Propagation: Propagation has been poor this past winter in the US as some Sporadic E openings have been observed here in Texas. The last good opening was the Ten Meter Contest in December. Plus the openings to the two great DXpeditions with VP6DX and TX5C.
Expect the daily solar flux to range from 80-92 the next quarter and the monthly flux will stay below 93 until Solar Cycle 24 is firmly established by NOAA.

Cycle 23 is history and Cycle 24 is here. The flux remains in its lowest range with many days of few sunspots in February. On March 11th the solar flux was 70 the A index 17 and K index 3 which is 19 points lower than last article. X-ray emissions from the sun have not improved and the flux continues its low numbers. Solar activity is low and a chance of a storm/flare is small.

Expect the best conditions on March 18-20th, April 14-17th, May 11-14th, and June 7-9th. Over the next four months, for USA stations, expect a 10% chance of DX in the mornings to Asia, Europe or Africa and a 25% chance into South America or the Pacific in the afternoon. To tell what DX paths are open, use the beacons from 28.175-28.300 (especially 28.200).

New DX members’ December 2007 to February 2008: Dec: None. Jan: 74877 DF0HHT, 74878 DF0HM. Feb: 74906 DL4MP, 74925 DF0AG, 74929 IK3MAU.

Thanks to the DXNL, The Daily DX by W3UR #25731, QRZ-DX, Lee KH6BZF #8888 & Ohio/Penn DX Bulletins. Send photos/info to Mike Davidson, 3518 Bellefontaine, Houston, TX 77025 USA Email: N5MT@aol.com

DX IS! 73 Mike Davidson N5MT #24949
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