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PSK Software

Postby KE1HG » Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:10 pm

Going to get started in PSK soon. I have the software disc that came with the Rigblaster plus. I've looked at the Win PSK and Ham Scope programs but I prefere Digipan. I've been monitoring with Digipan for a while now.
Does anyone have another that they feel is much better. I d like the multiple lines that Digipan has to see who's on before selecting one.

thanks in advance
Charlie KE1HG
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Re: PSK Software

Postby kd5de » Sun Dec 07, 2008 7:12 pm

Charlie go to and grab YGPSK it allows two screens for dual watch and has 10-10 suported logging system
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Re: PSK Software

Postby W4ZYD » Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:46 pm

Hey Charlie,

Was really good also being your number 3 contact on PSK. HI HI.

YGPSK is hands down the best program for the 10 meter ham. It's quick simple,
allows view of 2 streams and has a log format that is easy to deal with.

Jeff N7YG has done a fantastic job on this program. So much so that I occasionaly feel
the urge to donate even though it is free. HI HI.

His program even does a good job on collecting EPC, and 070 numbers, so that's a good
thing if you start to branch out to other bands working PSK. There are quite a few members
in both EPC (European Phase Shifting Club) and 070 (Penn-OH DX).

I tried Digipan for awhile but it was never one of my favorites. I was running PSK long before
it ever became popular on 10 or even before I was a 10-10 member. My first interface was a 1:1
transformer with a pot, taped to a homebrew cord using VOX and WinPSK, which you never hear
much of anymore. HI HI. Dad (Carl Steele 69777), W4YRB pointed out an article in the old QSL
mag those many years ago, showing how to build an interface for this "new" mode, and we both
went to town on it. I built his interface into an old plastic nail box, and for him used the serial port
keyer along with the in through mike jack, and we had a blast experimenting.
Sadly he passed away in 2001, and well I'm still doing PSK, and at times FeldHell which he called
"chirping crickets."

While the viewing mulitple streams is a plus, form, simplicity, and ease of accessing logs
found me back at YGPSK. I've done W1SQL, FLDigi, WinPSK, Multipsk, oh and WinAir.
Guess what all this does? HI HI. Logs scattered and fragmented so sometimes I have a real
problem figuring out whom, I worked when. (OH forgot Logger, really good logging, and
such back before 10-10.) If you want pure, simple, easy to use, go with Jeff's YGPSK.

All that being said. Well I can't help myself. I have installed and started using Ham Radio Deluxe.
Finally put that 10 year old CIV controller for my ICOM 746 into use. It has a lot to say for it,
though anything 10-10 is not much supported. It does things like auto to EQSL and I think
LOTW. It does rig control, and when hooked into a DX packet cluster will change rig frequency
on a click of the button. Here I go again spreading logs out for different programs. Pain
in the keester. HI HI. (Oh, note, HRD has a screen like the Digipan for viewing multiple
on air. Click and moves to that freq. How I got a maritime mobile on 20 a few nights ago.)
And let us not forget Win 10-10. Even another log to figure out and and try to keep track of
contacts. Go with YGPSK, and keep it simple. *L*
Mike Steele, W4ZYD 69769
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Re: PSK Software

Postby KC8ZTJ » Sun Jan 25, 2009 7:11 pm

I would recommend Digipan for new users to PSK as it seems easier to set up than some of the others. While it does not offer all the modes some of the other programs offer, it makes a nice trainer at the very least IMHO. :)
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Re: PSK Software

Postby n7yg » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:49 am

Thanks to all who have recommend YGPSK as a PSK software package. As many of you know, I had a massive computer failure back in August of 2008 and I lost all the source files for YGPSK, among others . What is available at is the latest version, but it suffers a minor problem during the initial install which can easily be fixed. Click OK on the error message and create a dummy log record and save it to the log. After you get a few entries in the log, you can manually delete that entry.

I am in the process of creating a replacement for YGPSK which I hope to have available for testing by the end of April 2009. The package will utilize the .NET technologies to make the distribution package much smaller. It will also use the MMVARI control to provide not only PSK but MFSK and RTTY.

When I am ready for testing, I will make an announcement on the forums requesting volunteers to help me test this new software. If you might be interested in helping test, please make sure you have .NET loaded on your computer. Version 3.0 or better will be required.
Jeff K. Steinkamp N7YG
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Re: PSK Software

Postby k8len » Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:45 pm

Yep, fldigi, is easy to download, simple as ever and works great, I also use MIXW, but it has a charge , and works on sstv also. MMSSTV is great for sstv also, if 10 ever erupts again sure would like to increase the psk contacts, although a few weeks ago I did work some rtty on 10 on a rare opening to Puerto Rico, and south america on rtty, until the band closed down.

73 and GOOD DX

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