Cypress Awards & Endorsements (No Seals)

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Cypress Awards & Endorsements (No Seals)

Postby KK3Q » Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:46 am

I received an application for points update for the Cypress group tonight using data from the Win1010 software. There is an error in the chapter seals section of this software that mentions the following as upgrades to our group:

Cypress_Orange Juice.UPG
Cypress_Zebra Longwing.UPG
Cypress_State Flag.UPG
Cypress_Orange Blossom.UPG
Cypress_Largemouth Bass.UPG
Cypress_In God We Trust.UPG
Cypress_Cross and Sword.UPG
Cypress_American Alligator.UPG
Cypress_State Seal.UPG
Cypress_Horse Conch.UPG
Cypress_Myakka Fine Sand.UPG
Cypress_The Swanee River.UPG
Cypress_Agatized Coral.UPG
Cypress_Sabal Palm.UPG

None of these are upgrades or seals, they were an item we used many, many months ago but were retired on June 1st of 2008. If you are using Win10-10 then you need to remove these lines and any point values from your chapter lists in the software.

Our points are only ugradeable using the form on our web site. Since none of the officers own WIN1010 software we cannot accept ML formatted files. Sorry, we never planned any of these Florida state symbols to be used after June 2008. The only seal we have produced is the 2009 Convention Seal and our only awards & endorsements (no upgrades) are the following:

The K4RRF DX Award
Our YL Members Award
Swamps & Scenics Endorsements
Bird Dog Points

Please see our web site for more information on these awards.
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