Call Sign Changes

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Call Sign Changes

Postby KK3Q » Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:03 pm

I just updated our membership roster to reflect call sign changes such as N4AN and 1 or two others. When you change your callsign please contact us so we can change our roster and the points database. Without knowing who has changed callsigns we have no way of knowing if points upgrades submitted are valid or not. Plus those checking the points database will be unable to find your points from your old call(s).

Thanks to the IQ ops such as KC4TVZ we keep gaining members so we encourage you to give out your IQ number if you are an IQ. Make sure to tell the prospect to use your callsign when they sign up so you can get your Bird Dog points.

One last point, I processed a points upgrade today and the applicant had several calls that were giving out their Cypress number with a point value of "1". Those giving out Cypress numbers with a 1 point value are members of the Central Florida Cypress Chapter which has been QRT for some time now. The basic point value for the Cypress Chapter (our group) is 10 points unless you are a Life Member which adds 50 more points. If you were a member of the Central Florida Cypress Chapter you are more than welcome to have your old number grandfathered into our group. All you need to do is use our contact form to let us know that you wish to join our group and we will handle the rest. When you do contact us please be sure to let us know if you are a Life Member and then give us any former calls so we can look you up in the CFCC membership roster.
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