TenX DX March 2011 by Mike N5MT DX Editor

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TenX DX March 2011 by Mike N5MT DX Editor

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TenX DX News March 6, 2009
Mike Davidson N5MT, #24949

The Sun set a new record by showing off at least one sunspot each day during February 2010! After such a long solar minimum, we are finally starting Solar Cycle 24 as we see a nice rise in solar activity. The beginning of March showed six active regions on the sun. We have not seen this much solar activity since early in 2007!
We are still not seeing the solar flux get above 100, but I predict later in the year we will get a weekly average flux of 100+ and begin to hear our friends in Europe on a regular basis. I expect to see in October 2010, the start of the winter DX season, and possibly daily DX openings into Europe and Asia. So good luck this next winter.

ZS8M Marion Island. Pierre ZS1HF will be the next Technician/Radio op on Marion Island starting in April for a one year tour of duty. The old Marion Island RC call sign was ZS8MI but Pierre will use ZS8M but no 1010 number as yet. The old club station was formed back in 1993 when a 10-10 membership was gotten for the then active ZS8MI call sign. Marion Island is the number three most wanted country for DXCC now!

FT5 Amsterdam Island. Dany F5CW #49137, was the operator of FT5ZB in 1988, and he still has the logs.

Countries Award: I issued basic certificate #663 to Dan KZ3T #41015. There were no upgrades for new countries. Please send a copy of the QSL cards instead of the originals to save postage. Read the website for help with your application. Email all questions to N5MT@aol.com.

General 10-10 DX reported in the past quarter:

4X Israel. Andy KD4LUG #63260, was to operate from Israel as 4X/KD4LUG from December 21-29, 2009.

5W Samoa. Bill N7OU/5W0OU #69318, and Bob W7YAQ/5W0YA, are on Samoa longer than expected as the boat which was to take them to Tokelau on February 18th, was cancelled due to bad weather

6W Senegal. Tom 6W/GM4FDM #31864 and Ronald 6W/PA3EWP, stayed in Le Calao from January 26th until February 9th operating mostly on RTTY. LoTW.

9H Malta. Holger DL5XAT #64618 and DL4HG were on as 9H3TX from Gozo from February 17-24th. They used vertical antennas and 100 watt radios. LoTW.

A6 United Arab Emirates. Gerry VE6LB #24329, was to be active as A6/VE6LB from Dubai, from January 8th for one month. He planed to operate mainly CW, with 100 watts and a wire antenna. Don N1DG #27529, was active from the club station A61AD in Abu Dhabi until December 25th while on a work assignment.

CE Chile. David CE2WZ #75623 is OK following the recent earthquake in Chile and was worked on 28455 MHZ. David, a new member, lives in La Serena about 500 miles north of the earthquake area.

DP Antarctica. Felix DL5XL #55519, the operator at DP1POL at the Neumayer Station III, reports that he is returning home to Germany in March 2010.

EY Tajikistan. Ken K4ZW #18573, was going to use call sign EY8/K4ZW from February 27th to March 10th. Ken will visit Nodir EY8MM #52767. Latest info on Nodir's Web site at http://www.EY8MM.com . LoTW.

HH Haiti. David HH2QCS #66025, has been found unharmed after the earthquake and is on the air using limited solar power. No additional info available.

HR Honduras. Victor N8OO #62245 was active as HR2/N8OO from December 10-20, 2009. Activity was on all HF bands using SSB, CW, & RTTY. Victor was HQ2S in the ARRL Ten Meter Contest.

I Italy. Paolo IK2QPR #63455, was active as IU2ANT on February 15-28th. He operated from his home QTH in Mantova, Italy. QSL via home call.

J38 Grenada. Bill K4LTA/J37BO #14696 and John NK4N/J38JO, were in Grenada from February 19th to March 3rd. They used the J38A call sign during the ARRL DX CW Contest, February 20-21st.

J6 St. Lucia. Stephen WG0AT #9905, Paul KB9AVO #51946, Guy N7UN #65724, Budd W3FF #40140 and friends, were active from St. Lucia from February 2-10th. They used 100 watts on CW, SSB as J6/home call.

KH2 Guam. Ken K0EN/KH2 #4058 and friends AB2ST and KG6WTW will be active from Guam from February 25th to March 1st. QSL via JF1TEU.

KH6 Hawaii. Tom N1CE/KH6 #65479 was active from Oahu Island, until January 6, 2010. QSL direct.

KP2 US Virgin Islands. Jeff VA3QSL #73406, was on as KP2/VA3QSL from St. Thomas on February 6-14th.

N7I Hawaii. Claire WL7MY and John KL7JR #43374, were in Honolulu from February 4-10th to celebrate the U.S. Islands Awards program. They used a TS-50 and a mag-mount vertical. Web site: http://www.usislands.org .

OZ Denmark. Juergen OZ/DL4MAQ #30933, was active from Roemoe Island from December 12-19, 2009.

PJ Curacao Island. Goose PJ2/W8AV #25365, was on from Curacao February 9-22nd on CW and RTTY. He was part of the PJ2T team in the ARRL DX CW Contest.

TI Costa Rica. Rene DL2JRM #69623 and friends, were active as TI7XX from December 30th to January 5, 2010. Activity on all HF bands using SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31. Web site: http://ti7.info/index.html .

V3 Belize. Will AA4NC #15774, used call sign V31RR from February 17-23rd. Modes were SSB, CW and RTTY on all bands. QSLs via home call or LoTW.

V3 Belize. Art NN7A #39677, was off-shore from Belize in the Caribbean Sea on Turneffe Island from February 24th to March 3rd. His call sign was V31JZ/P mostly on CW with 100 watts, wires and a vertical.

VE Canada. Steve VY1/N6QEK #56445, operated PSK and SSB from Whitehorse, Yukon, from December 30th to January 4, 2010. John KL7JR #43374, used VY1RST from Destruction Bay from December 17-22nd.

VP2M Montserrat. Mike W1USN #51238, was on with call VP2MPR from Montserrat from February 28th to March 13, 2010. Also Bob AA1M #17930 was expected to operate CW as VP2MPL from March 6-11th.

VK9 Cocos Keeling. Tim NL8F #32796, is on Cocos Keeling Island from March 3-10th with call sign VK9CF.

ZF Grand Cayman Island. Jeff K0UU #68974, was on Little Cayman February 21-28th using CW as ZF2MN.

Upcoming DX & New 10-10 Activity:

CX Uruguay. Dale CX/N3BNA #32100, will be in a group to operate with the call sign CW5W in March.

CY0 Sable Island. This DXPedition is back on schedule for a September to October 2010 time period. Operators include: Randy N0TG #12990, Ron AA4VK #12423, WA4DAN, and AI5P. Web site at: http://www.cy0dxpedition.com .

F France. A DXPedition to Ouessant Island, from March 12-20th, by a large group. The only 10-10 member is Jean F8BJI #71704. Web site: http://www.tm7cc.com .

JD1 Ogasawara. Stan AC8W/JD1BNK #62885 and friends, will be on Ogasawara March 28 to April 12th. The ship leaves Tokyo March 27th, arriving March 28th on Ogasawara. They will use a pair of TS-480 radios with a K2 as a backup. On Ten meters their antennas will be a HB9CV and two Force 12 Sigma V antennas.

KL Alaska. A DXPedition to Chirikof Island will take place in August 18-25th and to Seal Island from August 26th to September 1st. Call sign KL7RRC for Chirikof Island and N6PYN/KL7 on Seal Island. The team members are Merle N6PYN #49484, RV3ACA, N3QQ and UA9OBA. Web site: http://www.na-234.com .

KP2 US Virgin Islands. Tony N2TK/NP2 #22425, is going to St. Croix from February 24th to March 10th. In the ARRL SSB DX Contest, he will operate as KP2M.

LY Lithuania. Vilmantas LY3BY #71157 will use a special call sign LY11BY from March 1-31st. They are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the restoration of their independence. There are 11 special call signs available.

OD Lebanon. Manfred OD5/DL6SN #36153, is now in Lebanon until January 1, 2011. He likes CW and expects to operate his evenings and weekends. QSL via DO8LA.

OX Greenland. Reid N0RC #72865, is going to Thule, Greenland from March 22nd to April 8th. Depending on his work, he may be on every other day and for contest. He may use club call OX3/K0KU #45073. LoTW and eQSL.

TI Costa Rica. During the ARRL DX SSB contest March, 6-7th, a group will use call sign TI5N. Dan W0CN #27026, Kyle WA4PGM #50763 and friends, will be trying to improve their score from previous years.

V2 Antigua. Robert W4OWY/V25WY #21678 and Mark W9OP/V25OP #12879, will be in Antigua from March 9-18th, using SSB, CW and RTTY. LoTW.

YI Iraq. Paul N6PSE #68859, is the leader of a group DXpedition going to Erbil, Iraq. They will use call sign YI9PSE operating for a week in Kurdistan, sometime in 2010. Web site:www.n6pse.com/News_and_Events.php.

YN Nicaragua. Eric K9GY/YN2GY #22330, were again in Nicaragua for the DX contest February 18-22nd. He was at the QTH of YN2N. Eric may return in late May 27-31st. Stan AC8W/YN2WW #62885 and Lee N8LJ/YN2LJ #61088, were active from February 16-25th. In the ARRL DX contest as YN2WW.

W USA. Special call sign K4T will operate from the Garden Key in the Dry Tortugas from March 11-15th. 1010 members are Emily AC2V #29377, Mike W4UM #70959, Peter WD4IXD #24741 and Fred K9VV #8707. They will have three HF stations on at the same time.

E5 South Cook Island. Tim NL8F #32796, may go to the South Cook Islands and operate as E51COF from Rarotonga Island between March 20-30th.

ZL8 Kermadec Island. Felix DL5XL #55519 and Dieter DL8OH #22886 from November 19th to December 6th. . Web site at: http://www.kermadec.de/ .

Miscellaneous Items & Notes:

QSL ROUTES. http://www.dailydx.com/routes.html .
Propagation forecast: http://www.solen.info/solar/ .
Postage and IRCs :http://www.qsl.net/w9ol/ircchart.txt .
QSL help: http://files.billnjudy.com/ .
DX Calendar: http://www.dxwatch.com/ .
More propagation: http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/

Propagation: Propagation continues to improve as the new Cycle 24 sun spots are starting to grow! We have seen four weeks of sun spots in February as this trend continues. Expect the daily solar flux to range from 78-105 the next quarter and the monthly flux will be above 80 as solar Cycle 24 is made official by NOAA.

On March 6th the solar flux was 78. The A index 2 and K index 0. No storms expected. Expect the best conditions on March 5-7th, April 3-5th, May 1-4th, and May 28-31st. Over the next four months, for USA stations, expect a 35% chance of DX in the mornings to Asia, Europe or Africa and a 40% chance into South America or the Pacific in the PM. To tell what DX paths are open, listen for the beacons from 28.175-28.300 (especially 28.200).

New DX members’ Dec 2009 to February 2010:
Dec: 75644 DJ6YL; Jan: none; Feb: 75696 LU2BPM.

Thanks to the QRZ-DX, DXNL, The Daily DX by W3UR #25731, Lee KH6BZF #8888 & Ohio/Penn DX Bulletins. Info to Mike Davidson, 3518 Bellefontaine, Houston, TX 77025 USA Email: N5MT@aol.com

DX IS! 73 Mike Davidson N5MT #24949
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