Shopping Cart Blues

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Shopping Cart Blues

Postby kd5de » Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:43 pm

Folks the on line shopping cart has been in place since March 2009. As we approach the one year mark about 10% of our active annual membership has successfully used the cart. On the other hand 136 attempts appear to have had some type of problem completing the transaction. Of the 136 only 13 were new member applications. We have made several attempts to revise the process, but I would like input on what problems have been encountered before I revise again. This process is a very unique shopping cart application since the forms have to be processed manually and the actual order is completed after processing. Also the shopping cart is a stand alone process and requires a member to register and has no relationship to any other registration on the 10-10 site, including this forum . Ever aspect in based on providing the utmost security to the user during the process.

Please post any problem you have had with the process or email me directly. I realize it will never be a 100% perfect tool, but I will make a 100% effort.
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