TenX DX Dec 2009 by Mike N5MT

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TenX DX Dec 2009 by Mike N5MT

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TenX DX News Dec. 15, 2009
Mike Davidson N5MT, #24949

As the ARRL Ten Meter contest has just completed for 2009, I hope everyone made a few hundred contacts and had a good time. The contest was uneventful until Sunday about 1730 UTC when the band opened up for stateside contacts and we started to make 100+ QSO’s per hour. It was a great run for the rest of the day and I finished with 350 SSB and about 50 CW contacts. The DX was absent except for a few South American contacts. During the CQWW DX contest, the Ten meter band was barely open into South America and the Caribbean for DX contacts.
Solar Cycle 24 produced a few new spots recently that has helped propagation. I hope the winter DX season will improve as we move into 2010, but a low solar flux number is making for tough times on Ten! A solar flux of 85 is needed for the USA to hear Europe on a regular basis— so good luck this winter.
A6 United Arab Emirates has been making foreign operator’s licensing more accessible. A 2008 meeting of the Emirates Amateur Radio Society, has led to licensing changes. Gerry VE6LB #24329, worked with Michel A65BM, and with the EARS hams, who helped him apply for his license to operate in 2010. He will operate January 8 to February 8, 2010, from his daughter's home in Dubai, using CW with 100 watts to a wire antenna signing A6/VE6LB. QSL to his home call or LoTW.

Countries Award: The number of basic certificates issued remains at 622. I had one upgrade this past quarter by Ken G3XPO #70614 for 135 Countries. Please, copy your QSL cards instead of sending the originals to save postage and read the website before you send an application. Email questions to me at N5MT@aol.com.

General 10-10 DX reported in the past quarter:
6W Senegal. Sebastien F8IJV #64604, was on his honeymoon in Senegal from October 15-30th. He was in the CQ WW SSB Contest as 6V7Q.
7Q Malawi. Ely IN3VZE #31856, used the call sign 7Q7CE from October 3rd for two weeks using only SSB and focused on working RTTY to the USA.
9L Sierra Leone. Ned AA7A #11185 and friends were in a hotel operating with two Yagis and a two element 40M delta loop above the hotel before and after the CQ WW CW contest. They used 9L5A during the contest. Ned used 9L7NS outside of the contest.
A2 Botswana. Mike K9NW #29804, used A25NW in Botswana from November 23rd to December 1st.
CR5X Portugal. Marq CT1BWW #64689, Zoli HA1AG and Con DF4SA, used call sign CR5X in the CQWW DX CW Contest on November 28-29th.
CW7T Uruguay. Fred K9VV #8707, Pedtro CX5BW, and Tom CX7TT, were active from La Paloma, during the CW Contest on November 28-29th. QSL via K5WW.
DU Philippines. Gerard F2JD #63443, was in the Philippines in November as DU1/G0SHN and is now back in France. He only made 300 QSOs, due to high noise levels in Manila. He will return in February 2010 and bring another larger antenna. Logs at: http://LesNouvellesDX.fr/voirlogs.php .
EY Tajikistan. Nodir EY8MM #52767 is active from Dushanbe and will be in various contests this winter.
FP Miquelon Island. Tom W8TOM #74496 and KV1J, were active as FP/W8TOM on Miquelon Island from November 8-15th. Logs are going to LoTW and eQSL. Web site: http://www.kv1j.com/fp/october09.html.
GD Isle of Man. Tom GM4FDM #31864 was on as GD4FDM from the Isle of Man from November 6-9th.
HS Thailand. Bruce AA4XR/XW1B #11635, was on from Thailand as HS0ZCY/4 until November 28, 2009.
J6 St. Lucia. Bill WB5ZAM #17086 was using call sign J68WI from September 28th to October 12th and operated SSB and CW. Bill K9HZ/J68HZ #2618, used CW from St. Lucia from November 21st to December 5th.
KH2 Guam. Toshi JI3ERV #39995, and friends were on Guam for CQ WW CW contest as AH2R.
KH4 Midway. The K4M Midway Island DXpedition was a big success using only vertical antennas from October 9-19th. They only made 234 QSO’s on Ten meters. Art WA7NB #74754, Don N1DG #27629, Paul N4PN #74476, Joe W8GEX #41393, and Arnie N6HC #29959. Web site: http://www.midway2009.com .
KP2 US Virgin Islands. Tony N2TK #22425 and W3FV used call KP2M in St. Croix, for CQ WW SSB.
LZ Bulgaria. Gosho LZ1ZF #38328, will participate with a special call sign LZ09BR and others during 2009. Web site: http://www.mustafakemalpasatrac.org/ .
OZ Denmark. Bernd DL8AAV #40976 was active as OZ/DL8AAV from Laeso Island on September 14- 26th.
Rene DL2JRM #69623, was active as OZ/DL2JRM from Romo Island on September 18-20th mostly CW.
PJ Netherlands Antilles. John K4BAI #45389, went to Bonaire from November 24th to December 1st for the CQ WW Contest as PJ4A and PJ4/K4BAI other times.
PJ5 St Maarten. David AH6HY #33750, was on the island as PJ5/AH6HY from September 26th to October 1st.
TI Costa Rica. Marty K2PLF #13123, was active as TI5/K2PLF until December 1st. His activity includes the CQWW DX CW Contest using the call sign TI5A.
Another group using call TI5N were Todd KD4YHY #65670, Don N6JRL #65669, and Jim AL7BA #21038.
TK Corsica. Rene DL2JRM #69623, was active as TK/DL2JRM from Corsica from September 10-15th.
John IK2JYT #25968 and two friends, were active as TK/home call from September 19-24th. They operated on
all bands SSB, CW and digital modes, with two stations using amplifiers, vertical and loop antennas.
V2 Antigua. Bob W2BZR/V26BZR #48324, HB9OCR and N3OC, was on during the CQ WW SSB contest for another year of contesting as V26B. QSL to KA2AEV.
Tom K7ZZ #71378, was using call sign V25Z in Antigua from October 19-28th. He uses LoTW.
V8 Brunei. Hans V88/SM3TLG #64699 was active from November 15-20th on CW and SSB.
VE Canada. Gregg VE3ZZ #38480 and VE2BR, operated in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest with the special call VC2Z from Mercier, Quebec.
VK9 Christmas Island. Rene DL2JRM #69623 , planned a trip to Christmas Island this past November.
VP5T Turks & Caicos Islands. John N2VW #1476, John W2GD #14109, Joe W2WAS #816 and WA2VYA, were active during the CQ WW SSB Contest October 24- 25th using call sign VP5T.
VP9 Bermuda Island. Ted W3TB #24525, was in the CQ WW DX SSB contest October 24-25th using VP9I.
W USA. David N2EIO #73235 and five friends, were using call sign K4L from October 17 - 18th from Hunting Island. Web site at: http://pws.prserv.net/K4L .
YN Nicaragua. Eric K9GY/YN2GY #22330, was on during the Thanksgiving holiday November 26-29th.
ZF Grand Cayman. Bob K3UL #1220, visited Grand Cayman from October 17-24th using call sign ZF2UL.
ZL & E5: South Pacific. Bill N7OU #69318, was on Chatham Island in September, signing ZL7/N7OU while operating CW with 100 watts into a vertical. In October he moved to Rarotonga, South Cooks, signing E51NOU.

Upcoming DX & New 10-10 Activity:
4X Israel. Andy KD4LUG #63260, will be operating from Israel as 4X/KD4LUG from December 21st to 29th.
6W Senegal. Tom GM4FDM #31864 and Ron PA3EWP, announced a trip to Senegal in January 2010. Look for 6W/GM4FDM to be on from January 26th to February 9th. Tom will upload his logs on LoTW.
HR Honduras. Victor N8OO #62245 will be active as HR2/N8OO from December 10-20th. Activity will be on all HF bands using SSB, CW, & RTTY. Look for Victor in the 10 Meter Contest on December 12-13th as HQ2S.
J6 St. Lucia. Steve WG0AT #9905, Guy N7UN #65724, and Paul KB9AVO #51946 and six others, plan to be on from St. Lucia, from February 2-10, 2010.
JD1 Ogasawara. Stan AC8W/JD1BNK #62885 and friends, will be on Ogasawara March 28, 2010. The ship leaves Tokyo March 27th, arriving March 28th on Ogasawara, where they will stay for two weeks. They will use a pair of TS-480 radios with a K2 as backup. On Ten meters their antennas will be a HB9CV and two Force 12 Sigma V antennas.
N7I Hawaii. Claire WL7MY and John KL7JR #43374, will be in Honolulu from February 4-10th to celebrate 16 years of the U.S. Islands Awards program. Look for them on 28460 or 14260 with their TS-50 and mag-mount vertical. Web site: http://www.usislands.org .
OZ Denmark. Juergen,OZ/DL4MAQ #30933, will be active from Roemoe Island from December 12-19th.
TI Costa Rica. Rene DL2JRM #69623 and friends, will be active as TI7XX from San Jose Island between December 30th and January 5, 2010. Activity will be on all HF bands using SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31. QSL via DL2JRM. Web site: http://ti7.info/index.html .
VE Canada. Steve VY1/N6QEK #56445, will operate PSK and SSB from Whitehorse, Yukon, from December 30th to January 4th. John KL7JR #43374, will use VY1RST from Destruction Bay from December 17-22nd.
VP2M Montserrat. Mike W1USN #51238, will be on SSB/PSK31 with call VP2MPR from Montserrat from February 28th to March 13, 2010. Also Bob AA1M #17930 will operate CW as VP2MPL on March 6-11th.
VQ Turks & Caicos Islands. Dave W5CW #6506, says QSL cards for his VQ5V operation in November will be available after he returns December 7th.
YI Iraq. Paul N6PSE #68859, is the leader of a group DXpedition going to Erbil, Iraq. They will use call sign YI9PSE operating for a week in Kurdistan, sometime in 2010. Web site:www.n6pse.com/News_and_Events.php.

Miscellaneous Items & Notes:
QSL ROUTES. http://www.dailydx.com/routes.html .
Propagation forecast: http://www.solen.info/solar/ .
Postage and IRCs :http://www.qsl.net/w9ol/ircchart.txt .
QSL help: http://files.billnjudy.com/ .
DX Calendar: http://www.dxwatch.com/ .
More propagation: http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/

Propagation: Propagation continues to be poor as the new Cycle 24 sun spots are few and far between. We have seen weeks of no sun spots in 2009 as this trend continues. Expect the daily solar flux to range from 70-75 the next quarter and the monthly flux will stay below 80 until solar Cycle 24 is made official by NOAA.
On December 15th the solar flux was 79 the A index 6 and K index 0. No storms expected. Expect the best conditions on December 14-17th, January 10-12th, February 5-8th, and March 5-7th. Over the next four months, for USA stations, expect a 10% chance of DX in the mornings to Asia, Europe or Africa and a 25% chance into South America or the Pacific in the pm. To tell what DX paths are open, listen for the beacons from 28.175-28.300 (especially 28.200).
New DX members’ Sept 2009 to November: Sept: 75613 DL0HC, 75617 HP1RIS; Oct: 75621 VA3RKO, 75623 CE2WZ, 75634 DJ9OI; November: none.

Thanks to the QRZ-DX, DXNL, The Daily DX by W3UR #25731, Lee KH6BZF #8888 & Ohio/Penn DX Bulletins. Info to Mike Davidson, 3518 Bellefontaine, Houston, TX 77025 USA Email: N5MT@aol.com

DX IS! 73 Mike Davidson N5MT #24949
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