Breakdown of logs in 2010 Summer PH QSO Party

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Breakdown of logs in 2010 Summer PH QSO Party

Postby kz3t » Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:22 am

There was a total of 190 logs submitted in the 2010 Summer Phone QSO Party. A breakdown follows:

Manual - 84 44.2%
WIN1010 - 41 21.6%
N3FJP - 31 16.3%
GenLog - 13 6.8%
Excel - 8 4.2%
TenxLogger - 4 2.1%
WriteLog - 3 1.5%
LogicLog - 2 1.1%
Other - 2 1.1%
N1MM Logger - 1 .5%
WinLog32 - 1 .5%

As you can see manual logs are predominate. There are a number of contest programs out there and I would love to see those members using manual logs to try some of the available programs for 10-10 QSO Parties. I accept most formats via email except for adif and .Q95 files. I cannot read those.

WIN1010 is a very good program, not just for QSO Parties, and has ALL of the bells & whistles if you are in to paper chasing and seeking the different awards available to active 10-10 members. K4HAV, Jim, is the author of this program and anyone can contact him for info on this program. There is a cost for this program.

N3FJP is another very good program by Scott. You can go to his web site for the 10-10 QSO Party logging program he has. There is a slight fee for this program.

TenxLogger, N1MM Logger, GenLog32, LogicLog, WinLog32 and WriteLog are all FREE programs as far as I know.

I am more familiar with TenxLogger and GenLog and have used both. N7YG, Jeff has just finished up with the new and revised TenxLogger specifically for 10-10 QSO Parties AND will currently do ALL of the 10-10 QSO Parties. There may still be a bug or two in the program but he wishes anyone that wants to download and install TenxLogger and give it a try.

Some of the programs used do not provide all the info in the coversheet portion of the file that I need, specifically # of contacts with a 10-10#, # of contacts without a 10-10# and Total contacts. I have contacted Scott for the N3FJP program, Dave for the GenLog program and they have modified those to include the required information. TenxLogger also has that information.

All the above mentioned programs are good ones. Some will cost and some are free. Some are easy to use and some take time to learn. If you are not sure which one to use, download and install several of them and give them a try. One I do know about in addition to WIN1010 and N3FJP is TenxLogger and this program is about as simple as you can get for a 10-10 QSO Party program. If/when the current cycle starts getting better and we start making more contacts during these QSO Parties, these programs can make the QSO Parties more fun and less time consuming. Of course, if you don't have a computer or do not have email then please by all means submit manual logs. I will not discourage that. I just want to give more people more options to choose from.

I am NOT endorsing any particular program. I have tried most all of them and right now I will currently use two of them that I like for 10-10 QSO Parties.
If anyone wants to know anything about some of the above listed programs send me an email personally and we can discuss them.

It all mainly boils down to how comfortable you feel with a program, how involved you want to get in 10-10, paper chasing and QSO Parties. The main thing is to try some, play with the programs, go with one or two you like and, most of all, HAVE FUN!!!
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