Anyone Doing "Remote" Operating?

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Anyone Doing "Remote" Operating?

Postby N3FNE » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:06 pm

Back when I lived in Maryland, a friend of mine set up a system where from his house in Maryland he could operate his VHF and UHF rigs at his cottage in Virginia. He did this via the Internet. He was able to change freqs, turn his antennas, and do everything one would want to make contacts. During contests, he would log his location as Virginia. Is anyone doing this with 10 meters? Would a 10-10 contact really count given the Internet portion of the transmission?

I've also read about operators using wireless connections to do remote operating but not over such a long distance. Has anyone tried this method? Would that count as a legit 10-10 contact given the RF connection?
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