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Surplus Gear

Postby kc5fm » Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:36 am

Now here's an idea from WA7KKP ... ... -FM-radios

How many of you still run something that is labeled Motorola, GE, or RCA. Motrac? Twin-V?

I'm partial to anything GE, especially Progress Line stuff . . . or the late model Delta/Rangr/Phoenix programmable radios.

Since the changeover to 2.5 Khz deviation radios will be 1/1/2103, there's going to be another gigantic dumping of really good radios (mostly xtal, but a lot of synthesized radios like the aforementioned). Rather than see them hauled off to the landfill, I'd like to corner a few . . . especially low band units that I could put on 10 or 6 meters. If there is a substantial number, I'd consider spending money on gas to make a reasonable trip in NW US, centered around Bozeman, MT.

All things considered, you really can't beat the build quality of most of these, compared to the riceboxes we use.



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