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Re:Hello from W8JWA#17556

Postby w8jwa » Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:01 pm

Hello.My name is Jim Andrews,W8JWA,#17556.I'm a General class Ham,gotten my ticket back in 1967 as a Novice,WN8UYP,in 1968 upgraded to Technician,and was WB8FRQ,then in 1976 upgraded to General and got WA4JWX.I was living in Kissimmee,Fla.then.And I then discovered 10-10 International on 28.8 MHZ.when I heard their net and checked in and was able to get the 10 numbers needed to get my own.
I have held the calls of KC4TKD,WN8FRQ,KC8IZN,W8SSS,and now W8JWA.
I love to operate on 10 Mtr.CW and work DX when the band is open,and I also love to check into the 10-10 net on 28.380MHZ.
I also have my own website located at (Dayton Amateur Radio Forum)Please check us out.
My rig is a KNWD TS480 SAT and my a Hygain 18AVS 10-80 Mtr.Vertical up 20 feet.
My XYL is also a Ham,a Technician,her name is Linda and her call is KC8OKS.She is not a member of 10-10 as of yet,but working on it.
Well,guess that's it for now,73's&CU on 10 Mtrs!Jim Andrews,W8JWA#17556
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