10-10 New Members for October 2009

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10-10 New Members for October 2009

Postby WA6POZ » Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:59 am

10-10 New Members for October 2009

75619 KE7NEC Joe E Cano TX
75620 KI4NBE George B Gafford Sr FL
75621 VA3RKO Herve Despres Canada
75622 KI4TZX Richard Jennings SC
75623 CE2WZ David Calderwood Chile
75624 KN6OP David Lopez CA
75625 N 5TLH William K Turk TX
75626 N 7DCS Gilbert D Brentley WA
75627 W 4BLA Bladen ARS NC
75628 KI4SYK Ray Surles NC
75629 WX7B Christopher J Pritchard WA
75630 K 3SOM Richard G Soltesz PA
75631 W 8NBG Willard E Wright WV
75632 KJ4GBD Christopher M Carter VA
75633 KT2G Walter Kronimus III NY
75634 DJ9OI Hans-Joachim Boehm Germany
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