New 10-10 Members for January 2009

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New 10-10 Members for January 2009

Postby WA6POZ » Sat Jan 31, 2009 5:50 pm

Please welcome the following new 10-10 members:

75316 WA4ZXV Norman M Schklar GA
75317 N 5UCF Gerald R Byrd MS
75318 KM5YV James P Weaver Sr OK
75319 KC9LXD Michael K Kelly Jr IN
75320 KD8GRO Daniel R Burgess Jr OH
75321 KE5UQD Horace C Willis LA
75322 NX8G Rex C Simmons OH
75323 NN3C Kurt J Magni PA
75324 W 7LOU Robert L Boswell OR
75325 KR4WA Richard D Hoover GA
75326 KI4YYY Perry S Luthi GA
75327 WX4US Fred M Friedl Jr FL
75328 KI4WOH Dale A Mohr NC
75329 W 4EMM Edward M Mordis FL
75330 KJ4EMX James A Crews NC
75331 WI4USA Thomas W Baxter GA
75332 AJ4SF Donald L Myers NC
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