3528 11th Avenue Port Alberni B.C. V9Y 4Y7
(250) 724-3920

CM: Garry VA7SJ
E-Mail: cocjurassic@shaw.ca

CH: Janis VA7JN
E-Mail: cocjurassic@shaw.ca

NET: Saturday 2000Z (Year Around) on 28747


(Number only, No Certificate)

(Number only, No Certificate)

This one is strictly for FUN.  To qualify, send photo(s) of your Cat(s). You may send actual Photo(s) via "snail mail" or .GIF or .JPG images attached to an E-Mail Message. A photo of a living Cat will get you a CG (Care Giver) number.  If the Cat is an SK (Silent Kitty) you will receive an HM number.  NOTE: The cat(s) must live with you or HAVE lived with you if SK.  Cats belonging to relatives or neighbours that are "frequent visitors" do not count. PLEASE NOTE ALSO: The reason we ask for a photo is so that we can put it in our FELINE FRIENDS photo album, so if you only have one photo of your cat, please get a copy made and send that...don't send your only photo and then ask for it back. The number is non-propagating & has no point value, but the numbers are collectible for extra points on Restoration Project (see below).

NOTE: There is NO CHARGE for Feline Friends.


(Number Only, No Certificate)

(Number Only, No Certificate)

Requirements: 3 HM or 1 C or 1 HC or 1 SQ or 1 DX FC/FP/FS. (All contacts after 01/01/93 OR after you have received your 10-10 number). Cost: Free

C/HC=10 HM=5  If you own, (or reside at the same address as the owner of) a Car, Truck, Bus, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Boat, or Aircraft that is 25 or more years old (15 years if total production was 1,000 or fewer) you will be a Charter.  All others will be HM.

Point System: When your point value is: 10-2000: 1/250 2001-up: 1/500

Collect FELINE FRIENDS numbers for +5 each (no limit).

Island Visitor Seal (you must physically set foot on Vancouver Island and "eyeball" at least 1 Vancouver Island member--i.e. VA7JN, VA7SJ, VE7NF, or VE7SA) +25 to you & +25 for each collected.  No limit, however, note that to date only 13 Island Visitors have been issued, and three (AA7ZW, N0CKW, and VK4QN) are Silent Keys.
Take part in a Convention, Hamfest, Picnic, etc: +25 each (Your call must appear in the Net Log).

Upgrades accepted by "snail mail", Fax, or E-mail. You will be supplied with a personalized upgrade form, which must be filled out completely. "On Line" Upgrades available in future.


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