Open Season Ten Meter QSO Party 2013

Sponsored by Ten -Ten International Net, Inc.

 The policies and rules for this event in no way affect or modify the polices for other scheduled Ten-Ten events: these events are described in detail on the Ten-Ten web page.

To stimulate PSK activity on the ten meter band.

Open to all licensed Amateurs with privileges on the digital section of the ten meter band. It is not necessary that an Amateur be a member of any of the following to submit a log for scoring: 10-10, 070, or EPC, or any other organization to enter the contest.

Date & Time
Start 0000 UTC June 1, 2013 end 2359 UTC  June 2, 2013

All contacts must be 2-way BPSK31
No repeater, cross-mode or cross-band contacts allowed.

Ten meters: digital section
Primary suggested frequency: 28.120 (suggested in case of heavy traffic 28.125).

Entry Categories
1. INDIVIDUAL: (maximum 50 watts output) -Includes single station operators.
2. QRP: (maximum 5 watts output)-Same as individual
3. CLUB: (maximum 50 watts output) A Club must have a valid club station license issued by their National Licensing Authority. Club entries must must list the call and name for all operators using the club call. Club operations will take place at one location using one set of equipment.

Suggested CQ
"CQ Open Season de (your call) pse K"

US Stations: Call, Name. State, and all of the following numbers that are held: 10-10, 070, and EPC.
DX stations: Call, Name, Country and all of the following numbers that are held: 10-10, 070, and EPC.
For example:
"VE9KM de WA4EEZ, Leslie, FL, 10x 15675, 070 359, EPC 299 qsl ?? BK"

1 point for each contact, plus 1 point for each of the following numbers: 10-10. 070, and EPC.
(For example, if you work a station with no affiliation with any of the three clubs, you get 1 point. If you work a station with a 10-10 number you get 2 points, up to 4 points for working a station with numbers from all three clubs.)
No multipliers.

Send log data showing date, time(z), exchange received and claimed score. For entries with 50 contacts or more include a dupe sheet listing contacts in call sign alphanumeric order. Be sure to also include your call sign, address, e-mail address, entry class and club member numbers if applicable.
Send your entry as a .txt file via E-mail to or via post to:
Dan Morris KZ3T
3162 Covington Way
Lenoir, NC  28645

Entries with an excessive number of dupes will be listed as check logs. All entries are subject to verification.

Submission deadline
All entries must be received by June 17, 2013

Awards will be issued by the certificate manager for Top Ten individual scorers in the World, the top individual scorer in each US Call Area (W0-W9), each DX Country, and for top QRP and top CLUB. Electronic certificates will be sent to the 2
nd and 3rd place scorers in these categories.

Ten-Ten International Net, Inc. reserves the right to disqualify entries deemed not in accordance with the above rules or contrary to the spirit of this event. Please direct all inquires regarding this event to

Sample log sheets and cover sheets are available here
Ten Meter PSK Users list
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