10-10 International - New Registration

Welcome to 10-10 International, please select any item from the menu below

Ten-Ten International has embarked on a multi-phase project to update our Information Technology Systems and our Web Site. The first phase of the project is to create a user registration system that will allow 10-10 to provide a protected member area on the web site for those with paid-up and current dues.

In the past we have used an older, outdated system of protecting content in which we assigned a user ID and password and send that out to the membership via email. We changed this every quarter when a new edition of the News was published. As many of you know, this has created a lot of problems when people either forget the credentials or type them incorrectly.

In this first phase we have created a "User Registration" system in that you create an account using a login ID and password of your choosing -- something that you can remember easily. Once this account has been created and validated, then you will have access to the member's area as long as your dues are current.

Later on down the road, we will be introducing a completely redesigned website that will be much easier on the administrators to maintain.

To get started with creating your account, look at the menu above and find the menu item on the far right side that says Members. Clicking on that link will reveal 3 sub-menus: Registration, Manage Your Account and Members Area.

Click the Registration link to begin the registration process. You will be asked to provide a user ID and a password of your choice. Both of these are case sensitive so I would recommend you select something in all lower case. The user ID and password can only contain letters and numbers and must be at least 6 characters. You will also be asked to provide your full name, ham radio call sign and your 10-10 number.

When you are finished and happy with your input, click the button at the bottom to complete the registration process.

You will receive an email asking you to click a link in that email. This is the process where we ascertain that your email address is good. Responding to this email will ensure your email address is good and begin the rest of the validation process. You should receive this email in less than one hour. If you do not, then your email address was not valid.

Once you respond to this email, then the validation process could take up to 24 hours as I do have to validate your information and enter in the expiration date in the database. Once you have been validated, you will receive a welcome email.

To access the Members Area, click the Menu item "Access Members Area". You will get a login box where you will need to provide the credentials you created for your account. If they are correct, you will be given access to the protected area of the web site.

The third menu item in this list is the link to "Manage your Account". You can change some of your account details including your email address. If you change your email address, make sure that you update your account with the correct address. If you forget your password, you can use this link to help establish a new password. If you change you email address, you will get a verification email to make sure the address you provided is a good address. Please note that at this time, changing your email address here does not change the email address that is on file with the data manager.