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Welcome to the 10-10 DX Page

Mike Davidson, N5MT
3518 Bellfontaine
Houston, TX 77025-1310

This page is dedicated to the Ten-Ten International Net's Worked All Countries Award. Below you will find LINKS to various text files that are intended to assist in the first time submission for the Basic 25 Countries and any future endorsements for the award. Also, you will find LINKS to other materials that are related to 10-10 and 10-meter DXing.

    • The link below will take you to an application cover sheet that must accompany your submissions for the award or endorsements.

      DX Application Form

    • The next link below will take you to a form you can use to list your 10-10 DX contacts. Once the page is loaded in your Browser, click on "Print Preview" to see how it will come out.

      DX Award Claim Sheet

      Hints on Printing Application Forms

      The forms for the 10-10 DX Countries Award are HTML files. The results you get could differ from what was initially produced due to the wide range of browsers, printers, and other controlling factors that may not be apparent. But with a little trial and error you should be able to produce a satisfactory result by varying fonts and page setups.

      To test the forms in Netscape, I set **all** page margines to 0.25". I also use a viewing/printing font (in your browser) of 10 point New Courier. With these values set you should get results very close to what was produced here. If not, try a little experimenting to see what happens.

      When all else fails and you can not get the forms to print out correctly, then a set of forms are availible from the manager for a #10 SASE.

      Special Note: Certain DX Application Forms are also available from the key forms page. The forms are available in both HTML and in PDF formats from the link. The advantage of the PDF format is that it prints correctly without trial and error. However, it does require that you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 installed: the program is available free from The PDF forms were constructed by Bob Munro, W1AMF.

    • Here are the rules that need to be followed for either a first time submission or endorsements to the award.

      Countries Award

    • Tips On Application Submission for The 10-10 DX Countries Award Progarm.

      In the summer of 2011, the 10-10 Board of Directors approved a change of rules for all 10-10 awards to not require QSL cards. We follow all of the ARRL DXCC rules but with the exception of not requiring QSL cards and requiring the swapping of our names and membership numbers over the air. A QSL card exception could be required IF information is needed from a QSL card or digital image of the card, whenever a question would arise as to which country was the actual contact made from or some other minor problem that would require an actual look at the QSL. The awards manager may have a problem identifying the country of the contact since country prefixes have changed since the Countries Award starting date for contacts was in 1975. Dxpeditions usually have many operators and only one may be a 10-10 member who you would need to contact to get credit.

      You must use the proper forms as posted on the 10-10 website or from an approved computer program that produces a printed output for submitting for the award.

      Remember that the 10-10 contact is on the honor system. You know if you exchanged numbers with the station or not. If your QSL card does not have the 10-10 of the operator printed on it, there is nothing wrong with you writing the 10-10 number on your QSL card for the contact. It’s your card and if you swapped numbers, record the event for a future award credit.

      Please understand that Ten-Ten International and the ARRL has adopted a policy of "ZERO TOLERANCE" where it concerns cheating on Awards. Never try to alter or change a QSL card because a DX station or manager made a mistake on it.

      There is NO fee for the Basic 25 Countries Award or future Bar endorsements. For a Bar endorsements by regular mail, all you need to do is send an SASE with enough postage for return of the Bar sticker and paperwork. The Basic 25 Countries certificate is issued and mailed back to you with 10-10 paying the postage. If your application is by email, then your paperwork is returned by email without a Bar sticker. Just go to the 10-10 website for more forms. The endorsements after the Basic 25 Award are in increments of 10 countries until you reach the 75 endorsement, then they are in groups of 5. For example: 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, then 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 etc. You can send as many countries as you like at one time to get you to the next Bar award. You can also send in extras contacts towards the next Bar endorsement. For example; you might decide to send 41 cards to start, 25 of them will be credited toward the Basic 25 Countries Award plus the 35 Bar, and the other 6 will be in your file toward the 45 endorsement. Then, you need only send 4 more to get the credit for the 45 Bar Country Endorsement.

      One last item: per rule #5, computer printouts like EXCEL are okay. Use the format which is used on the submission sheet: CALL, COUNTRY, MMDDYY, 10-10#. Make sure that you attach a copy of the Application cover sheet to your computer generated printout. If you have any questions about the 10-10 DX award program, please drop me a note by email.

      NOTE: Your 10-10 Dues Do Have To Be Paid For Any 10-10 Award! No Dues = No award.


  • Looking for some news on 10-10 DX stations??
    This next link will take you to a page where you can view articles from N5MT's 10-10 DX news column which is published quarterly in The Ten-Ten International News. The links go to the ftp downloadable files at the 10-10 archives.

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