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QSL Bureau

10-10 International - QSL

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1-1 QSL Bureau

10-10 International offers a QSL service to all 10-10 members whether membership is current or not. The QSL Bureau service is for pasteboard QSL's only and is not a forwarding service and does not handle electronic QSL cards. Also, the receiving station must also be a 10-10 member. 10-10 DX members may also participate in this program.

To use the 10-10 QSL Bureau, you must have SASE's (self-addressed-stamped-envelopes) on file with the QSL Manager. The envelopes MUST be #10 size (9 1/2 x 4 1/6) with your CALL legibly printed on the upper left hand corner with one first class stamp attached. All other sizes present a filing problem and will not be used. If you do not wish to receive cards through the QSL Bureau, please let the QSL Manager know. Your call will be placed on the Non-Participating list. Cards will be held for 2 years, and if no one claims them they will be destroyed. No notice is sent for unclaimed cards.

When submitting cards to the 10-10 QSL Bureau, you must have them sorted in numerical order if there are more than 20 cards, i.e., W1ZZZ, K3RRR, WA6YYY, AB7TT, ZP9GG, ETC. There is no need to sort by prefix, however a sort by suffix is helpful. Remember, sort by the number in the call. QSL cards for portable or mobile operations should be sent to the home call, i.e. W6OI/1, W6OI/2 should go to W6OI. The QSL Manager will mail cards every 90 days. If there is only 1 card in an envelope, it is held for 120 days.

If you have questions, please refer them directly to the QSL Manager. The program may be modified from time to time in the interest of economy and efficiency and a progress report will be made in the 10-10 News.

When you receive cards from the 10-10 Bureau, it is your responsibility to verify the claimed QSOs in your log. It is not the intent nor responsibility of 10-10 to validate the claimed QSOs. If a claimed QSO is not found in your log, you may return the card to the sender through the 10-10 QSL Bureau, but please attach a note stating the contact is not in your log. In light of recent events, it is recommended you closely check all QSL cards you receive through any QSL Bureau.

Cards, Envelopes and Inquiries to:

Jim Stoeber WI9X Ten-Ten #49635
10-10 QSL Manager
8829 Bermuda Ave
Caseyville, IL 62232

updated 11-14-2016