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On January 22,2017 a BOD online meeting/conference was held. It was recommended the deadline dates of all QSO Parties be shortened. Fifteen days runs very close to having to get results to the NEWS Editor. Even though 15 days is given, I generally have to wait longer. US and especially DX logs can take up to as many as 7 to 10 days to get to me, if mailed.   That could be up to 25 days before I can start to tally up the results. Right now we have approximately 80-85% of the logs that are uploaded to the contest scorer. About 8-10% are sent in via email. The rest 6-10% are sent in via snail mail. I have looked at most of the other contests and their deadline dates run anywhere from 5 days to about a week. The BOD determined that a week (7 days) is sufficient time to submit a log. Seven days would end on a Sunday so the new deadline dates will end 8 days after each QSO Party. Approximately 95% of the logs are in within the 8 day time frame. As always, if the deadline date does fall on a Sunday or a holiday then the deadline date will be extended one day. Remember, the deadline date is the last day to submit your logs.

The new deadline dates will start with the Summer QSO Party in August of this year (2017). This should be sufficient time to get the word out to everyone about the change. The next edition of the NEWS will reflect the new deadline dates. I will do my best to get the word out to as many people as I can and also to the other organizations that post our QSO Party Schedule.

Dan Morris KZ3T

QSO Party Manager