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Welcome to the Internet 10-10 Mailing List!


Purpose and Procedures

  Welcome to TENTENLIST. We hope that you find your subscription helpful and enjoyable. Please read the following statement of purpose and procedures carefully. It is important that you print a copy and/or save this message for reference.

PURPOSE: The 10-10 mailing list is open for discussion of any subjects relating to 10-10 International and 10-meter amateur radio operation. Sample topics: propagation and band openings, equipment and antennas, 10-10 and chapter awards, new 10-meter activities. This sample does not limit the topics for discussion and questions, so long as 10 meters, 10-10, and amateur radio are the focus. Adjunct topics related to effective e-mail use, amateur radio in general, amateur software, etc. are all natural types of messages to appear from time to time.  Of course some topics and subjects are forbidden including politics, religion, and any issue that is not of benefit to the amateur community.

MESSAGE ADDRESSES: There are two important e-mail addresses to remember.

Messages to the list of subscribers: To send a message to all subscribers of TENTENLIST, regardless of whether you subscribe for individual messages or for a daily digest, address the message to

Please indicate briefly, but accurately, your topic on the subject line. (Those with limited on-line time may wish to scan headings only to save time and money.) Then type your text. Please sign your name (and call, if you have one).

Do NOT place attachments with your message, since they will be blocked, stripped, or your entire message may disappear. The message service is only for ASCII messages. Set your mail client to compose in ASCII or its European counterpart. Do NOT use HTML or other Rich Text format encoding systems.  Messages which appear  in a format other than plain text will be converted to text.  NOTE: when a message is converted to text format this is NO guarantee that an exact conversion will take place.


Subscribing and Unsubscribing: The mailing list software includes a web interface to allow for Subscribing, Unsubscribing, and modifying your preferences. The web interface can be accessed via this link: From this page you can also obtain a password reminder by selecting the Unsubscribe or Edit options menu.  Also you can use a quick subscribe form located here: Subscribe

Please note that both methods will require you to confirm your subscription.

Helpful Hints: Do not attempt to subscribe from an email address that is not you actual email address. A good example is the ARRL fowarding service, if you do attempt this you will find that you will not be able to post to the list and most of these services will bounce list mail by default. Please advoid sending test messages to the list. We have 4 members monitoring the list and if it is broken we will know.

Subscribing and modifying without the web interface:  Most functions can be accessed through a normal email;

 To subscribe from the address that you use for the list, send a message to the following address:

Make no entry on the "subject" line.

Your message should read:  subscribe [password] [digest|nodigest] [address=<address>]


This message will subscribe you to the tentenlist. Your password must be given to unsubscribe or change your options. If you omit the password, one will be generated for you. You will be periodically reminded of your password.

The next argument may be either: 'digest' or 'nodigest' (no quotes!). If you wish to subscribe an address other than the one you sent this request from, you may specify 'address=<address>' (no brackets around the email address, and no quotes!).  The following line will subscribe N7YG to the list, in digest format, at an alternate email address:

                         subscribe mypassword nodigest address=

You will receive a line of text and a code number in a return email at the subscribed address.  You must send that line back to to confirm your subscription. (This measure keeps automated spam machines from infiltrating the list with unwanted ads.)

Upon receipt of your return code, tentenlist-request will send you a welcome message that contains instructions for unsubscribing, sending messages, and obtaining a list of subscribers. As well, it contains the code of conduct to which you commit yourself in using the mail-list.  Please maintain a copy of the message for future reference in case you need to make changes to your account.

If you change servers–-or if your server suddenly changes names–you can alter your subscription from the new e-mail address. Subscribe as instructed above from your new address and then unsubscribe in the following manner.  Send a message to this address:

Make no entry on the "subject" line.  Your message should read  unsubscribe [password] [address=<address>]

Where the password is the one you choose when you first subscribed or that was generated for you and sent to you (no quotes or brackets around the password!) The address is the old address that is no longer active (no quotes or brackets around the address!). The subscribe message will get you a new code to return, but unsubscribing is a simple one-step action.

A complete list of commands allowed is available by sending a message to this address:


Make no entry on the "subject" line. Your message should read:  help

SUBSCRIBER COMMITMENTS: In subscribing to TENTENLIST, you commit yourself to the highest standards of conduct in the distribution of e-mail messages to the list and to individuals to whom you reply. The TENTENLIST list is monitored to ensure these standards are met so that all may enjoy the benefits of e-mail communication without the problems found elsewhere on the internet. Subscription to TENTENLIST is a privilege, not a right. Abuse of the privilege can and will draw reminders, reprimands, and in the most extreme cases, barring from subscription to the list. In addition, each subscriber is expected to retain this message as a record of his or her commitment in subscribing to the list.

MAIL LIST COURTESIES: The purpose of the mail list is communication. Please remember – The On-The-Air courtesies that we extend to each other apply equally as well in an email list . Here are a few:

1. Keep messages as brief as the subject calls for.

2. When replying to a message, do not include more of the original message than is necessary to answer a question, make a comment, etc. Delete all parts not necessary to the reply. Better yet, paraphrase the relevant lines and omit the original message from the reply. The subject line will often say enough for recipients to follow the thread from message to message.

3. Consider whether a reply should go to the sender alone or to the entire group. If the reply is relevant only to the sender, address your message to the sender and not to the list. If you ask a question, you may request that replies be direct. Then, if the replies are of greater interest, you can summarize them in a message to the list.

4. There is a difference between expressing strong views and being discourteous ("flaming" other messages). Respect others on the list and be courteous in all messages, even if you are expressing a disagreement. Flaming and inappropriate direct replies to distributed messages may draw reminders or reprimands, and continued or extreme behavior of this sort may result in being barred from subscription to TENTENLIST.

5. Respect the interests of others on the list. Only some of the subjects discussed will directly interest you. Please do not criticize others (on the list or directly) for exchanging messages about subjects outside your interests.

6. Do NOT send command messages (subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.) to the list. Send all command messages to

7. If the Coordinator of TENTENLIST distributes a message that a certain subject has reached a point of termination or that a certain subject is inappropriate for further messages, do not send any further messages on this subject to the list. In addition, do not send comments on the Coordinator's ruling to the list. If necessary, send such commentary directly to the Coordinator and/or to members of the 10-10 Board of Directors.

8. If you receive via direct e-mail a response to a distributed message that is inappropriate in tone or content, immediately forward a copy of the message to the Coordinator of TENTENLIST, with a brief message of explanation. No attempt at "policing" the net other than that authorized by the Board of Directors will be tolerated, and individuals attempting such actions may be barred from subscription.

9. Users of the e-mail list sometimes make errors of judgment or distribution, resulting in occasional inappropriate messages appearing on the list. Do NOT reply to such messages, either on the list or directly. Simply delete them and move on. If action is appropriate, the Coordinator of TENTENLIST will act on behalf of the Board of Directors in seeking out the cause of such errors and implementing correctives.

10.  When originating a message to the list, choose an appropriate subject matter to list in the subject line of the email.  Do not send message with a blank subject line.

This list of courtesies is not complete, but is indicative of the standards of conduct expected on TENTENLIST. If we translate the Amateur Radio Operator's Code into e-mail terms, then we have a good sense of proper and productive e-mail communications.

ENFORCEMENT: Experience has shown that monitoring of the e-mail list is necessary to ensure long-term smooth operation and adherence to the standards of conduct outlined above. The following is a statement of the actions available to the Coordinator of TENTENLIST, acting on behalf of the Board of Directors, in enforcing minimal satisfactory standards of e-mail conduct.

1. In the event of the appearance of an inappropriate e-mail message, the Coordinator will attempt to ascertain the reason for its appearance. The Coordinator may also remind the list that replies and reactions to the inappropriate message are not to be distributed to the list or the sender. The Coordinator will send a reminder to the source about the limits of appropriate messages.

2. In the event of more than one inappropriate message from the same source, the Coordinator may, depending on the circumstances explained by the source, issue a reprimand and warning that continued messages beyond the boundaries of appropriate e-mail conduct may result in being barred from subscription.

3. In the event of flagrant disregard of reminders or of conduct so extreme as to have the potential for harm to individuals or of TENTENLIST, the Coordinator may bar the subscriber from subscribing to TENTENLIST. Conduct subject to this action may involve either distributed messages or reactive messages sent directly to the senders of distributed messages. Appeal of such a ruling and requests for reinstatement to TENTENLIST will be in writing to the Board of Directors of 10-10.

4. In the event that the Coordinator distributes a message requesting the termination of a certain subject matter or reactions to various types of messages, all subscribers are expected to withhold further messages. Failure to do so may result in one or more of the actions outlined above.

Over 99.9% of all subscribers to TENTENLIST will never send a message calling for any of these actions. However, on the premise that only one or two individuals may ruin the benefits of TENTENLIST for all other subscribers, 10-10 must reserve these actions to correct abuses. The easiest way to avoid even approaching the limits of appropriate conduct on e-mail via TENTENLIST is to think twice before reacting to a received message and to think three times before sending a reply.