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Down-Loadable FCC Amateur Database


The FCC is posting on its FTP server the Amateur Radio Database. It is updated every Sunday or Monday and this database in raw form (48MB zipped or 201MB unzipped) can be downloaded and converted into an usable format using freeware software by Hardy Data Systems (HDS). The HDS software converts and provides a search routine, whereby, if you type in a call it will give you the name and address. An option is also included to print a mailing label. The database now also includes Canadian amateurs which can be downloaded at the Canadian FCC site.

As a service to the 10-10 International Net members, K4HAV and HDS are providing this database in final converted form. This will save you the time involved in downloading and converting this huge file. The database is updated weekly and the files below are in zipped form. The unzipped full database and supporting files require about 70MB hard drive space. An index file is also available and when used, speeds the search as much as 8X on the records near the end of the large files. If the index files are used, then they must be the matching set of dates for the call and address database. If you have an older set of Index files installed and only download the new address files, then you will get Run Time Errors indicating that the index file that is present is pointing to the wrong location.

In order to use this database you will need the search program and supporting files. Then later to update your database you only have to download either of the two databases. The Freeware version of the FCC Search program only gives the Call, name and address. A registered version is available that also gives the DOB, Previous Call, Class of License, Date of License, Date of License Expiration, County, Azimuth, Beam Headings and Distance. The price to register is $10.

As of April 1997 the FCC stopped including the Date of Birth (DOB) in the records. A database of the DOB's was made using this last posting which included the DOB and is available for download below. The Windows version FCC Search Program Version 1.4 includes a menu option to find the DOB for a given call. Version 1.92 also has a menu option to search for a previous call to find the current call. This feature is good for finding callsign upgrades or vanity calls. To use this option you will need to download the PrevCall.Zip file below. Version 1.92 (Registered Version) also displays the license class.

Download FCC Amateur Database Self-Extracting Search Program V1.4 (FCC2S.EXE): Click here (1.8MB). (Includes Supporting Files)

Download FCC Amateur Database Search Program V1.4 (FCC2.ZIP): Click here (0.2MB). Download this file if you already have Win1010 installed.

Download Support Files (SUPPORT.ZIP): Click here (0.5MB). Download this file if you already have Win1010 installed.

Download Full Database (DB_ALL.ZIP): Click here (22.8MB).

Download Index Files (DB_IDX.ZIP): Click here (2.5MB).

Download DOB Database (DOB.ZIP): Click here (3.8MB). Needed only if you are going to do the conversion or want to access the DOB records within Win1010.

Download Previous Call Database (PREVCALL.ZIP): Click here (0.8MB). Needed only if you are going to do the conversion or want to access the PrevCall records within Win1010.

Download Installation Instructions from above mentioned web page (INSTALL.TXT): Click here (3,184 bytes).

For the conveninece of those who do not want to download the large 23 MB zipped file (DB_ALL.ZIP), this file has now been broken into 14 individually zipped files. The breakdown allows you to download smaller files more quickly and with less chance for connection break, and to do so at different times of convenience. If you do lose a connection or receive a bad file, you need only download the smaller single file rather than the entire 23MB.

To install all the files listed below at once, you can use the wild card function of the PKUNZIP command:

PKUNZIP *.ZIP C:\path (where "path" is the subdirectory in which you will locate the search and database files)

Smaller Files: The smaller files substituting for the file are these: (2.2 MB) W callsigns (0.5 MB) A callsigns (3.4 MB) K callsigns (1.6 MB) KA callsigns (2.5 MB) KB callsigns (2.1 MB) KC callsigns (1.3 MB) KD callsigns (1.0 MB) KE callsigns (0.3 MB) NL callsigns (4.1 MB) NN callsigns (1.2 MB) WA callsigns (1.1 MB) WB callsigns (0.5 MB) WD callsigns (1.4 MB) VE callsigns

This database is also supported by the K4HAV Win1010 Contest Software. During the contest the database can be accessed by hitting the red FCC button. Info displayed in the 1010 Contest Program includes the name, address, county, DOB, age, license class, date of license, previous call, distance and azimuth (beam heading). Info on this and other 1010 software can be seen at the K4HAV 1010 Web Site

updated 03-26-2014