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10-Meter Operations Aids

To support 10-meter operations, we make available 10-meter op aids provided by 10-10 members.

XXAssist, a simple user interface to the master 10-10 database.

WinIQ , the smaller official 10-10 call and number data base, can be downloaded as a .ZIP file from this link. WA6POZ updates this file on a monthly basis. 

10-10 International - FCC Database, supplied and regularly updated by K4HAV. These are programs, described on Jim's instruction pages, that allow you to download a Zipped FCC database that is either complete (very large) or restricted to 10-10 members (moderate), along with Zipped search and support programs. Once you unZIP the files, you can search the database offline for QSL and list-swap information.

WhichNet, by N9UKX of the Steel City Chapter. Gives you a look at which net is currently on and a way to look up nets for specific times and days.

A U.S.A. State-to-County Map is available as a service from NG3K.



If you prefer the interaction of E-Mail Lists of Interest to 10-10ers, click here for a list of lists related to amateur radio supplied by N9UKX.