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There are several classes of Membership Services.

PRIMARY MEMBER is available with yearly dues, there is a special incentive available if dues are paid for 3 years at a time.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP consists of a PRIMARY MEMBER and one or more family members who reside at the same location. Family members must qualify as ten-ten members.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP consists of a Trustee (PRIMARY MEMBER) and an Amateur Radio Club Station.  Club Stations must qualify as ten-ten members.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP - is available and may be paid in one lump sum.  For information refer to the 'Life Membership Applicaiton' below or contact the 10-10 Data Manager.

SENIOR LIFE MEMBERSHIP - Senior membership is available for members age 65 and older, proof of age is required.

Entry level LIFE MEMBERSHIP- in the past there have been request for life membership at the time of initial membership.  There is now a form to make this possible.

ELECTRONIC DELIVERY MEMBERSHIP -  Electronic Delivery Membership will greatly reduce annual membership rates. Also it will reduce the cost of providing services to the membership. This class of membership implies that the primary form of communicating with members would be electronic in the form of emails. This includes the delivery of the Ten-Ten NEWS and Membership Renewal Notice. Items that are routinely mailed such as QSL’s and Award Certificates would continue to be mailed. This option is included within all the above applications. If you are a current member and wish to convert to Electronic Delivery Membership use the link below.
Electronic Delivery


Downloadable Application Online Application
Member (PDF) Member (Online)
Family (PDF) Family (Online)
Club (PDF) Club (Online)
Life Member (PDF) Life Member (Online)
  Entry Level Life (Online)

There is an online application available for renewals, also: Membership Renewal

You will receive your Membership Card showing your 10-10 Number and a Certificate of Membership. You will be entered in the computer data base and will begin receiving your copy of quarterly 10-10 International News.

Remember the News is published only 4 times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and after you join 10-10 it could take as long as 3 months for you to receive your first copy of the News.  Paid up members can now download copies of the News from the website. The News is mailed via first class mail to US and air mail to all DX members who have not selected electronic membership. It is your responsibility to notify 10-10 of any change in status, address, call, etc. Send address (or call) changes to 10-10 at the following address:

Data Manager
 10-10 International Net, Inc.
1349 Vernon Terrace
San Mateo, CA 94402-3331

All new membership applications for US members, as well as membership renewals, address changes, call changes, etc. are handled by the 10-10 Data Manager at the above address in San Mateo, CA