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Conversion to Electronic Delivery Membership


Effective 1 April 2012
The New Electronic Delivery Membership will greatly reduce annual membership rates. Also it will reduce the cost of providing services to the membership. This class of membership implies that the primary form of communicating with members would be electronic in the form of emails. This includes the delivery of the Ten-Ten NEWS and Membership Renewal Notice. Items that are routinely mailed such as QSL’s and Award Certificates would continue to be mailed. The chart below reflects the the conversion from normal membership to electronic delivery membership. Please note the number of months added to your subscription will be based on the next complete month of your current membership. If your membership is not current please use the renewal process, at that point you will be offered Electronic Delivery Membership.

  Convert to Electronic Delivery
  Percent of months added to your current total
US Annual Rate 33%
US 3 Year Incentive 38%
DX Current (prior to April 1,2012) 45%
DX Current 3 Year Incentive 49%
New Canada/ Mexico Annual Rate 50%
New Canada/Mexico 3 Year Incentive 55%
New Other DX Annual 67%
New Other DX 3 Year Incentive 69%

For Example, if you are a current DX member on an annual membership and you have 6 months left on your membership you would gain 3 months if you converted to Electronic Delivery.
In the future if you have an electonic delivery membership and wish to change to postal delivery you will be able to change by paying the difference of the then fee for the new category of membership.

Use the form below to convert between Postal and Elecrtonic Delivery. If you are returning to postal delivery, make sure to click on the Postal selection below.

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