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Ten-Ten International Net, Inc.
Monitoring 28.800 Khz Daily-Except Sunday

KA0ZPP James H Fox
PO Box 135, 
Mayhill, NM 88339 


The basic purposes of the 10-10 International Net, Inc. are " promote activity on the 10 meter band, to handle traffic and to assist radio amateurs in improving their technical skills and operating procedures...." Chapters are responsible for promoting these purposes on a local level particularly during periods of minimum sunspot activity.

A.What is a 10-10 Chapter? A 10-10 Chapter is a group of 10-10 members in good standing, normally, but not necessarily, located in the same geographic area (ground wave distance), who wish to participate in the activities of the 10-10 International Net, Inc. Although the Chapter exists to promote the purposes of the International group on a local basis, the 10-10 International Net, Inc. will not be liable for physical or verbal activities of the Chapters.

B. Basic Requirements for Becoming a 10-10 Chapter

1. U.S. Chapters consist of seven or more members except for Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska, Hawaii, and all DX Chapters must have five or more members. Members must be in good standing (dues paid). The 10-10 Database Manager may be consulted about the membership status of potential Chapter members.

2. A Chapter must have a name and must conduct weekly scheduled nets.

3. They must select a Chapter Head whose responsibilities are detailed later.

4. The group must complete a '10-10 Chapter Application,' copy enclosed, and forward to the Chapter Coordinator for approval by the Chapter Relations Committee. The Chapter Coordinator will adjust frequencies to prevent conflicts and may suggest alternate frequencies in order to use the entire 10 meter band.

5. Nets may meet on any mode as permitted for that portion of the 10 meter band.


C. Chapter Privileges

1. May participate as a Chapter in all 10-10 contests in accordance with published rules. (Chapter members within 150 miles of the Chapter may assign their score to the Chapter.)

2. May issue a Chapter Certificate. Charges assessed for the Certificate program should not exceed chapter costs of the program. May issue a chapter number only via email or for an S.A.S.E. (self addressed stamped envelope)

3. May elect officers, have a treasury and charge dues or raise funds by any lawful means.

4. May support any activity deemed good for amateur radio.

D. Chapter Reporting




A responsible chapter official must report to the Chapter Coordinator. This is done quarterly. If there are no changes to the previous report, then the chapter can go for up to a year without reporting. A report must then be made even though no changes have been made. These reports may be made via the U.S. Postal Service or via email.  For access to the reporting forms, go to the "Resources" and click on it, from the pop-up menu choose "Forms", (The forms are in the fourth row.)




E. Reasons for Terminating Chapter Affiliation

1. Failure to file a quarterly report for four consecutive quarters.

2. Suspension of net operations for more than a three month period. Permission to suspend must be obtained from the Chapter Manager.

3. Deliberately furnishing incorrect information on report.

4. Conduct unbecoming an amateur radio operator.

F. Responsibilities of the Chapter Head

1. The chapter head shall guide the activities of the chapter and is responsible for keeping the membership interested and motivated to operate on 10 meters, participate in 10-10 activities, and promote the purposes of the 10-10 International Net, Inc.

2. The chapter head shall be the liaison between the chapter and the parent organization, usually through the Chapter Coordinator.

3. The chapter head may appoint an assistant and/or create local committees if necessary.

4. The chapter head or his designated representative shall report quarterly to the Chapter Coordinator on the approved form or via e-mail if desired.

5. The chapter head must secure approval of the Chapter Coordinator prior to changing net operations (day, time or frequency) and/or certificate requirements. Approval for temporary changes (e.g. for one month's duration) in net operations need not be obtained. The Chapter Coordinator and the 10-10 membership at large, however, should be notified -

6. Chapter heads of chapters with certificate programs should be aware that the position of Certificate Manager requires a lot of time and effort. Much of a chapter's success - or failure - depends on the timely and faithful performance by the C.M.

7. The chapter head (or his designee) should consult with the Chapter Coordinator about any questions regarding operation which may develop. Use this link to obtain a copy of the 
Chapter Application form.


8. The Chapter Head must be a member in good-standing and continue so until he/she gives up the position.