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!!! Attention AOL and Yahoo Mail Users !!

Over the past few months, Ten-Ten International and our Internet Hosting provider, Hostgator, have been experiencing email delivery issues with AOL. Ten-Ten and Hostgator have attempted to resolve these issues with AOL to no avail. The issue at hand is AOL's heightened security with email relays, such as email that is coming from the Hostgator servers, but are identified as begin sent by Ten-Ten International.

We do not see any resolution in the future so we'd like to recommend that if you are using an AOL address as your registered email address for your Web Site registration, or your membership registration and notification, you might consider changing this address to something else so you can receive email from Ten-Ten without interruption.

With the eventual integration of Yahoo and AOL, we may expect to see similar issues with the Yahoo mail servers.

How to change your Email address in the Master Database

Send an email to  and include your Name, Callsign, Ten-Ten Number and the new email address you would like recorded.

How to change your Email address at the web site.

1.   Login into the website with your current credentials

2.   Hover the mouse over the Membership Tab and click on User Profile

3.   Click on the Contact Info Tab

4.   In the Email block, change your email address, or any other contact information you would like to change.

5.   Click the Update Button to store your changes.

6.   You may get an email from the system to verify that you provided a valid email address.

ARRL Forwarding Service

If you are using the ARRL.NET forwarding service and that service forwards to an AOL or Yahoo account, you may still experience the issues that we are currently having.  Hotmail and Gmail have not had any issues with email from Ten-Ten or Hostgator.