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10-10 Daily Nets

10-10 holds daily (except Sunday) SSB nets at 1800Z on 28.8 and 28.380 MHz.

The purpose of the Nets is to promote activity and good operating practices on the 10-meter amateur band, and to assist radio amateurs in improving their technical skills and operating procedures. The Nets also provide a means for members to make contacts, and to recruit new members. The Nets are open to all radio amateurs worldwide.

Net operations are organized and overseen by the Net Manager who is responsible to the Operations Committee. In addition to serving as a Net Control Station (NCS), in the rotation of the Nets, the Net Manager attempts to check in to as many Nets as possible to render assistance to the NCS on duty and to fill in for NCS who may be unable to perform his/her duties due to unforeseen circumstances.

Check-in Procedures and Rules

10-10 Nets operate in accordance with appropriate net procedures for the orderly check-in of stations and the exchange of routine 10-10 information. Each session of the Net will have an NCS who is responsible for maintaining good order on the Net.

Recommended Method for Check In

A station wishing to check-in to the Net should wait until he/she hears the NCS call for check-ins. A station that has been acknowledged by the NCS should give information, to include call sign, name, state or country, 10-10 number and VP number. Stations do not need a 10-10 number to check in. All stations are welcome. The Nets are a great place to learn about 10-10 and its various activites. Frequently a station can work the ten stations necessary to qualify for a 10-10 number. After a station has joined the Net, he/she should not contact any other station unless the contact is first sanctioned by the NCS. The NCS will provide ample opportunity for all stations checking in to work other stations on the Net.

The Net Manager is Bob, N6OPR #45715. Please contact Bob if you have questions about Net operations or might like to serve as a NCS. The daily nets are an excellent place to listen and learn about net procedures.

Bob's email is

Day Frequency Net Control Operator Ten-Ten
Monday 28.380 WB9WZI Alan 76209    
Monday 28.800 WB6OJB Doc 70675
Tuesday 28.380 K7CWS Ray 50288
Tuesday 28.800 KF4WKY Mike 70191  
Wednesday 28.380 Open Called By N6OPR
Wednesday 28.800 N6ELK *Louise 36654
Thursday 28.380 N6OPR Bob 45715
Thursday 28.800 KQ4PK Robert 63201
Friday 28.380 N0TW Terry 36547
Friday 28.800 K6DNR Bob 75386
Saturday 28.380 KC8IM  Dan 31959  
Saturday 28.800 KF4WKY  Mike  70191
Alternate Net Controllers
* Louise gives out the 10-10 Club Station – W6OI

Various 10-10 Chapters hold Nets (usually on a weekly basis). Information on these nets showing Chapter name, day of week, time and frequency is listed under the category, Chapter Nets, on the website.