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Bringing 10-10 into the 21st century with the Ten-Ten Digital Award. You have to make contacts to get results.
Why not use your PC to assist, when all else seems to fail.

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Digital Award Manager
Mel Sojka KD5DE
353 Atlantic Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71105-2909



  • The initial certificate is awarded for a minimum of 25 contacts with Ten-Ten members on Ten Meters. As of August 9, 2007 the Digital Award is available to all current paid members of 10-10 at no cost. Endorsements and upgrades available via a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope for return.
  • All contacts must be made using one of the following acceptable modes, these modes allow for the proper Ten-Ten exchange as prescribed by the Ten-Ten award general rules.Future modes that allow this exchange will be considered when they become available.

    • FSK Modes (AMTOR, G-TOR, TOR, THROB. RTTY, MFSK16, Olivia)


  • There will be two endorsements available for the basic award, PSK and RTTY. The basic award is required to earn these
    endorsements. However, if the requirements for the endorsements are met on the basic award application, the endorsements will be issued at the time of basic award issue. These endorsements will be issued with 10 contacts in these two specific modes. For these two endorsements only, a contact worked can be used in either or both of these modes.

  • Bar awards will be issued at 50, 75, and 100 contacts. After 100 contacts bar awards will be issued in increments of 100. For the bar awards any of the acceptable modes will be allowed for the contacts, but a contacted station can be counted only one time.

  • All stations must be contacted from the same country and all contacts must have occurred since 1 August 2006.

  • Applications for the basic award should be submitted on the forms provided or photocopies thereof. Computer generated reports that contain the entire required input are allowable. Forms are available from the Awards Manager with an SASE. Forms are also available on the KEY Forms page of this Website. The basic award will be available via Postal Mail only. Bar awards and endorsements can be applied for via email applications, using the prescribed format.

  • The award program has be designed as to allow for future awards that may include a WAS, DX and Grid program. Future awards will be determined and added as the need arises.

  • QSL confirmation is NOT required for the Digital award.

  • Ten-Ten Awards general rules as prescribed on the Ten-Ten Website and requirements are applicable.


This Page Updated 01-16-2011