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1-1 Lucky 13 Certificate Rules

Lucky 13 Certificate Manager

Dan Morris KZ3T #41015
3162 Covington Way
Lenoir, NC 28645



  • The Lucky 13 Award is intended to demonstrate the ability to work the entire 10-meter band. You must have a VP number in order to obtain the Lucky 13 Award. Cost is free. Please include your E-mail address, if you have one.
  • Work 13 different stations with a VP number on 13 different days on 13 different 100 kHz segments (of the 13 possible segments) of the 10-meter band from 28.500 through 29.700 MHz. Contacts plus or minus 10 kHz from each of the 100 kHz points are satisfactory.
  • Mobile, portable or fixed operation is acceptable in any mode.
  • Details for each contact must be submitted in the following order: frequency, VP number, 10-10 number, callsign, name, QTH (state/country), and date of contact.
  • QSL confirmation is NOT required.
  • 10-10 Awards general rules and requirements are applicable.
  • Please see the 10-10 web site, the 10-10 Awards Brochure, or request from the award manager. Applications may be e-mailed and E-Certificates are available.


Effective - January 1, 2000

updated 05-01-2014