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1-1 WPX (Prefix) Award


Ed Bryant KM5FF 50356
9001 Sunbow Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121



  • All contacts must include callsign, name, QTH, and 10-10#. The award is available to all current paid members of 10-10 at no cost. Upgrades are SASE USA and $1.00 for DX. Please include your E-mail address, if you have one.
  • A callsign Prefix includes the right most number and all numbers and letters that precede it. For example, W6xxx, WB6xxx, WN6xxx, 4X6xxx, etc. would all be a different Prefix.
  • Portable stations that sign with a suffix (/XX) may be used for the Prefix of the portable call. For example, W6xxx/HC1 may be used for the HC1 prefix.
  • A certificate will be issued for the first 100 Prefixes. Upgrade gold bars will be issued for each additional 100 prefixes.
  • All applications must be submitted on the official forms available from the Award Manager or the 10-10 web site. Computer print-outs with the same information may submitted in lieu of the official application.
  • All callsigns (entire callsign) must be in alphabetical order by Prefix.
  • QSL card confirmation is NOT required for the WPX award.
  • 10-10 Awards general rules and requirements are applicable.
  • Application form available on the Key Forms page.


Effective - January 1, 2000

updated 01-11-2011