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Official 10-10 Awards and Their Requirements

NOTE: The following is a listing of general rules and requirements for ALL 10-10 award programs. Rules and requirements specific to an individual award are included with the description of each individual award.

Program Description

10-10 sponsors a program of operating awards. Each award is administered by a volunteer manager who provides applicants with the award rules, application forms, certification of applicant's submission, and issuance appropriate award or upgrade. As of 2000, 10-10 authorizes the following operating awards:

Specific requirements for each award regarding qualifications, procedures, and the name of current award managers are provided in the individual award descriptions.

Uniform Qualifications

Applications for all awards are subject to the following uniform general qualifications and procedures.


To apply for any 10-10 award, proof of full (paid-up) membership is mandatory. A copy of a current membership card or the address label from the latest copy of 10-10 News will satisfy this requirement. Proof of membership must be sent with each application for any award.

Rules and Application Forms:

An application form, listing the rules for each award, is available from the specific awards manager. Requests for application should be sent to the specific award manager and must be accompanied by a #10 (business size) stamped, self-addressed envelope (SASE). In the case of DX requests, send enough funds to cover return postage. Requests for applications can also be emailed in lieu of snail mail to the respective awards manager. Members are requested not to telephone awards managers to request forms or rules. Awards/certificates that require only listing of information without specific application forms include the Bar awards and the VP certificate. All other 10-10 awards/certificates require an application form.

Special Note: Certain key forms are available in both HTML and in PDF formats from the link indicated. The advantage of the PDF format is that it prints correctly without trial and error. However, it does require that you have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 installed: the program is available free from Many of the forms were constructed by Bob Munro, W1AMF.

Award On-The-Air Contacts:

A legal 10-10 contact must be a two-way contact exclusively on ten meters. A legal contact consists of the call, 10-10 number, name, date, and QTH (state or country). At no time is it acceptable for a 10-10 number to be relayed via a third station. These requirements for a legal 10-10 contact have been affirmed by the Board of Directors.

Defective Applications:

Should the applicant fail to send proof of current (full) membership, the Award Manager will hold the application and send the applicant a standard form letter indicating what is needed to permit award or upgrade processing. If the application is defective with respect to the specific award requirements, the Award Manager will return the application with a brief explanation.

Handwritten or Computer Applications:

For all 10-10 awards, legible handwritten, typed, or computer printed applications are acceptable.

Award Costs:

All awards are free to paid members. This includes all basic and any upgrades (as appropriate).

QSL Confirmation:

QSL confirmation is NOT required for any awards.

New Awards:

In accord with a policy decision of the Board of Directors, the effective date of all new 10-10 awards will be 120 days after the publication date announcing the availability of the award. All applications received by the award manager prior to the effective date of the award will be held and award numbers will be drawn by lot.

Bar Awards Managers:

There are separate managers for Bars 100-900 and Bars 1000 and greater.

Bar Applications 100-900:
Dan Morris KZ3T #41015
3162 Covington Way
Lenoir, NC 28645

Bar Applications 1000+:
Tony Lisnak N2WIE 66790

192 Greenvale Ave
Yonkers, NY  10703

VP Awards and VP Worked All States Manager:

Robert A Bischoff, K4QHH 26040
180 Persimmon Riidge
Rutherford, NC 28139

Lucky 13 Certificate Manager:

Dan Morris KZ3T #41015
3162 Covington Way
Lenoir, NC 28645

Continents Award Manager:

Robert Mantell, W4GA
PO Box 1653
Blue Ridge, GA 38513

Counties Award Manager:

Brad Kimble K0DBK #55192
3855 66th Street
Inver Grove Hights, MN 55076-2222

Countries Award Manager:

Mike Davidson, N5MT
3518 Bellfontaine
Houston, TX 77025-1310

CW Award Manager:

Lee Zalaznik KI6OY
334 Olivina Ave.
Livermore, CA 94451-6137

Digital Award Manager:

Mel Sojka KD5DE
353 Atlantic Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71105-2909

The Great Britain 10-10 Counties and Regions Certificate Manager:

Mike Crawshaw, G4BLH #18446
50 Kibble Grove,
Lancs BB9 5EW,

Mobile Award and Mobile WAS Manager:

Robert A Bischoff, K4QHH, #26040
180 Persimmon Ridge
Rutherford, NC 28139

OM/XYL Award Manager:

Marcus Lieberman, KM5EH
2300 Hurley Drive, NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120-1013

Worked All States Award Manager:

Eva M. Donaldson, WB0CON, 53964
12933 W. Montana Drive
Lakewood, CO 80228

WPX (Prefix) Award Manager:

Ed Bryant, KM5FF, 50356
9001 Sunbow Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 871217