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First and foremost I want to let everyone know that it is NOT mandatory to upload logs at the scoring web site, however, I encourage as many as possible to give it a try and see how easy it is. I will still accept logs via email and snail mail. I do encourage those that send via snail mail to try and find a comfortable and user friendly program to create your logs. Most logging/contest programs will output a good formatted adif file. The scoring web site was created by David, KJ4IZW and he uses it for other organizations to score those contests. The main purpose for uploading 10-10 QSO Party logs is automation. It is not meant to penalize anyone unnecessarily. It is designed to provide each person with instant summary results of your log and also let you know that your log has been accepted. The main thing you need to pay attention to in this summary are your Claimed-Score, Actual Score and Errors. There is a lot of information on your Summary Page and most of it is self explanatory. I will attempt to provide an in-depth review of what needs to be done to submit/upload your log and how to review the Summary Page.


Download this document in PDF format.


Uploading QSO Party Log – First go to:

Look for the appropriate 10-10 QSO Party. At the end of the line you will see ‘Upload’ and (Results). The ‘Results’ section is an alphabetical listing of all logs submitted but no actual results are posted. A lot of summary statistics are provided on this page of which most is self explanatory. The other option is ‘Upload’ and when you click on this, you will be taken to the page to upload your log. There are 5 sections to this page.




Section 1 – Callsign – Type in your Callsign

Submit as check-log only – Check this box if your 10-10 dues are not current or you are not a member of 10-10.

Check to allow anyone to see your log data – Check this box if you want anyone to see your log.


Section 2 - This section is required ONLY if you are uploading a ADIF file. So please make sure you fill in all the blanks including your claimed score at the end.


Section 3 - CABRILLO File – Browse for your Cabrillo file and double-click on it and it will show up next to the browse button. Click on the Submit button at the bottom. It might be a good idea to save your Cabrillo or ADIF file in a location that you can easily find it (i.e. Documents folder or your Desktop).


Section 4 - ADIF File – Browse for your ADIF file and double-click on it and it will show up next to the browse button. Click on Submit button at the bottom.


Section 5 - Submit – click on this button once all appropriate sections above are completed.


Once you click on Submit, give the scorer a few seconds to compile your log. The timeframe varies depending on the size of your log. It can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the size of the log and your internet connection speed. Every time a log is submitted I receive a Summary email. I look at every submission and if there are any problems I try to get them taken care of as soon as possible.







There is a lot of summary information on this page and most of it is self-explanatory. Basic information is on the left taken from the header of your Cabrillo file or from the data fields you entered for your ADIF file including the Claimed Score.

On the right side is basic summary log info:


# of contest qso’s

# of dupes

# matched – those contacts that matched with other logs. Matching is currently not a factor in scoring (for stats/reference/fun).

# Nil – Not found on other logs

Q Pts & Score – both of these should match up with claimed score unless errors were found.


Filename of your log

Qso count in your log

Log version

Program Name

Program Version

Upload time


Middle Section will be the Q-POINTS Section:

# of Non-members worked

# of 10-10 members worked

In RED will be Partial credit if there are any Call/10-10# discrepancies with the contacts following. If you have any errors then this is where you look to see what the errors are. Most of the errors we have seen have been typographical. NM5T instead of N5MT or 21663 instead of 21363, etc. You have the option of going back and edit your log to correct these typos which you should do. These changes are the responsibility of the person submitting the log. Prior to this I was sending out emails and confirming the typos and making the adjustments as necessary. That takes a lot of time. That is really not my responsibility but I have done it anyway. This process should alleviate that problem. Now, some errors will be due to database inconsistencies. We hope to have this corrected by having a more up-to-date database at the time of the QSO Parties. Another problem is Call Sign changes. That we cannot control but we can fix those types of problems when they arise. So, if you have a 10-10 number and change your Call Sign please go to > Membership tab > click on Update and fill in the blanks as appropriate and submit so that changes can be made to the master Ten-Ten Database. Just before the Q-Points section you may or may not see an Orange Warning bar stating that your uploaded file contains so many QSOs, but not all qualified. It will also state for you to verify date/band/mode for all QSOs. So, if you see that Warning, check your log for those types of errors and correct them if possible. Lastly, if your CLAIMED-SCORE and SCORE match up then there are no errors and you’re good to go!


Last Section will be your LOG DATA section. These are the contacts that the scorer used for your score. It may or may not have all of your contacts depending on whether you had any errors or not.


The Scoring Robot does not use the Name or QTH to calculate your score. It looks for Call/10-10# discrepancies, Date, Band, (not frequency matching) and Mode. I again want to emphasize that I am not trying to penalize anyone unnecessarily but to make everyone aware of the errors in their logs and be able to correct them. It would be to your advantage to correct your errors. Before when I found errors and could not get hold of you then your score was deducted accordingly. So this is no different only more automated. I do review all the log entries, specifically the errors, and any that are 10-10# data issues or Call Sign changes David, KJ4IZW will correct in a “override” list in the scorer. Remember, when uploading a log, if you receive a Scoring Report back that is your notification that your log has been received. There may or may not be errors on that Scoring Report. If there are errors, correct them if possible.


Cabrillo Logs come in varying formats. I have been trying to get most of the program authors to use a certain Cabrillo format for 10-10 QSO Parties.


SAMPLE CABRILLO FORMAT (Not all will look exactly like this):



CREATED-BY: Name of program


CONTEST: Name of QSO Party


TEN-TEN-NUMBER: Your 10-10# or blank if none

CATEGORY: Individual, Club, QRP or Mobile




OPERATORS: Your Call or multiple calls if a club

CHAPTER ASSIGNMENT: 10-10 Chapter or blank if none

NAME: Your name

ADDRESS: Your address








QSO: 28000 SB 2014-02-01 1200 AA1AA BOB MA 12345 AA2BB JIM RI 54123

QSO: 28000 SB 2014-02-01 1201 AA1AA BOB MA 12345 LU1BB LOU DX 0



SAMPLE ADIF FORMAT (Not all will look exactly like this):






<qso_date:8>20140201 <time_on:4>1115 <call:5>AB3BA <name:3>Joe <band:3>10M

<QTH:2>MD <mode:3>SSB <srx:5>12345 <EOR>


Not all ADIF formats are exactly the same. Some may have <Ten_Ten:5> 12345 and some programs may put the 10-10# in a ‘comment field’ and there is no particular order of fields in ADIF. The above format is just a general guideline.


I hope I have provided enough information for everyone to submit/upload logs at the KJ4IZW scoring web site. Remember if you do NOT get a Summary Page back after clicking on the ‘Submit’ button then your log has not been received. Try again. If you still do not get a Summary Page, let me know and/or email me your log.


One big advantage of this scorer is that it accepts ADIF files, which is the standard designed specifically for various ham programs (general loggers, contest loggers, digital programs, award programs, contest scorers, etc.) to robustly exchange information. This new system is more about accuracy & efficiency than penalizing. I would think that anyone would want to know exactly what errors might be in their logs so those errors can be corrected. Everyone is free to upload your log, review your log, and, if necessary, upload your log again. Everybody has different motivations for participating in a contest/QSO Party. Some want to win, some want to just be on the air, some are chasing WAS/DXCC/grids and especially 10-10#’s. 10-10 QSO Parties are always a good way to collect new 10-10#’s, states, counties, countries, etc. It does not matter if you have 900 QSOs or 2 QSOs submit your log!


Example of form when uploading a Cabrillo File:





Example of form when uploading an ADIF file: