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Meet the Volunteers (2017)

A year-long event to find and make contact with all of the people who devote time to keep 10-10 an active organization!
The goal? Make contact with each of the following volunteers during 2017. See the 2016 Volunteers

2017 Volunteer Check-off Sheet

Offcials and Directors

AD4RX Diector AJ7B Editor
KD6RDK Data/Membership Manager KA0ZPP Director
KD5DE Past President KM5EH Director
KR7RK Treasurer KZ3T QSO Party Manager
N0KDB Silent Key Manager N0TW President
N6OPR Director N7YG IT Manager
N9AC W6OI Trustee W9HT Vice President
WA2SUH Scolarship Manager WA3GM Director
WI9X QSL Bureau Manager WN4AMO Director

Awards Manager and Net Controls

G4BLH GB Awards Manager K6DNR Net Control
K0DBK Counties Awards Manager KC8IM Net Control
K4QHH Mobile & VP Awards Manager KQ4PK Net Control
KC1BTA Scouts Awards Manager K6ELK Net Control
KD6FEC Scout Certificate Manager WB6OJB Net Control
KI6OY CW Awards Manager WB9WZI Net Control
KM5FF WPX Awards Manager    
N5MT DX Awards Manager    
NZ1I WAC Awards Manager    
WB0CON WAS Awards Manager    
WM2W (SK) 1000+ Bar Awards Manager    
N2WIE 1000+ Bar Awards Manager    

Committe Members