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1-1: Committees


In accord with the bylaws, the President and/or the Board of Directors may appoint such committees as deemed necessary. The following committees are those appointed by the President of Ten-Ten International. The responsibilities of these committees are to aid the President and the Board in the functions of the organization. Breakdowns of the full duties and responsibilities of each committee may be found in Section 4 of the 10-10 Operations Manual.

You may download a handy 10-10 Organization Chart in PDF format from the indicated link.
For a complete list of all our 2016 Volunteers click the indicated link.

If you have ideas, concerns, questions, or complaints, please try to locate the committee in charge of the area of 10-10 effort most relevant to them. Then try to communicate with the Committee Chair. Addresses and phone numbers will be found in the listing of Officers

* Awards:
Responsible for all 10-10 awards rules and award certificate designs. Establishes new awards and revises existing awards as necessary. Appoints all Award Managers and proposes each appointment to the Board of Directors for confirmation. All communications relative to Awards should be addressed to this committee.

Marcus Liberman, KM5EH, #71103 - Chair
Email KM5EH
Ed Redwine, K5ERJ, #11843
Dan Morris, KZ3T, #41015
Kevin Golit, NZ1I, #72759

* Chapter Relations:
Reviews and establishes the rules for Chapters to become affiliated with 10-10. Maintains liaison between chapters and 10-10. Oversees the operation of chapter activities including the issuance of chapter awards, etc. Prepares the Chapter Coordinator’s Column for publication in the quarterly 10-10 NEWS. Monitors the weekly chapter net meetings and obtains the chapter quarterly reports. All requests for new chapter affiliation and information about chapter activities should be addressed to this committee.

James H Fox, KA0ZPP, #43428- Chair
Email KA0ZPP
Robert A Cathey, KA5VVD, #42188
Dave Smith, K6RDK, #65812
Brad Kimball, K0DBK, #55192
Chandra Burnette, KD4BVG, #64773
Bob Bischoff, K4QHH, #26040
David Becker, K7PRZ, #47633


* QSO Party:
Establishes and reviews rules of all 10-10 contests. Proposals for new contests, suggestions for revising existing contest rules are the responsibility of this committee. This committee oversees the activities of the Certificate Manager and the Scoring Manager. Any questions or problems with 10-10 contests should be addressed to this committee.

Terry Webb, N0TW, #36547 - Chair
Email N0TW
Dan Morris, KZ3T, #41015
Charlie Whitney, KE1HG, #69069
Ruth Bartholomew, N0KDB, #48715
Paul Hemby, WN4AMO, #73825
Jeff Steinkamp, N7YG, #65084
Doc Kalan, WB6OJB, #70675
Bobby Ricchiuti, W4MAA, #74584
Garry Cameron, VA7SJ, #30939

* Net Management:
The Net Manager is responsible for the operation of the daily 10-10 nets. Reviews and establishes the net procedures. The Net Manager is responsible for the recruitment of all Net Control Stations. All correspondence regarding net control stations or net activities should be addressed to the Net Manager.

Robert L Farrow, N6OPR, #45715 - Chair
Email N6OPR

* Publications:
The Publications Committee has oversight of the Editor and is responsible for the content of all official 10-10 documents.

Roger Olson, AD4RX, #67754 - Chair
Email AD4RX
Peggy Porterfield, K5KBT, #64386
Earl F Skelton, N3ES, #8572
Kevin J Gilot, NZ1I, #72759

Jason Phillips, KC1BTA, #77110

* Internet:
The Internet Committee has oversight of the Internet Coordinator and all materials on the 10-10 web site. Coordinate with the Board of Directors, Internet Coordinator, and 10-10 members on matters of public relations.

Jeff Steinkamp, N7YG, #65084 - Chair
Email N7YG
Keith Schlottman, KR7RK, #63324
David J Treat, W5DJT, #74798
Bill Carew, VE3MEW, #31824

* Public Relations:
Has the responsibilities of preparing 10-10 advertising in Ham Radio related magazines.

Paul Hemby, WN4AMO, #73825 - Chair
Email WN4AMO
Jack Moore, K5CC, #50708
Peter Dillon, N3FNE #52799
Terry Webb, N0TW, #36547
David Rennell, NP2MR, #76052

* Planning:
Presents to the Board of Directors the possible locations for holding the Board of Directors meetings each even numbered year. Obtains proposals from interested members or chapters that wish to host the 10-10 Convention each odd numbered year and presents a recommendation for the convention location to the Board of Directors.

Ray Moyer, WD8JKV, #20805 - Chair
Email WD8JDV
Dave McCardel, WD4EWB, #18760
David Walton, W7CAR, #46235
Alan V Kaiser, N1API, #25468

* Scholarship:
Responsible to establish rules of all 10-10 sponsored scholarships with the goal of promoting increased participation. Oversees the operation of the Scholarship Foundation and the Scholarship Funds. Develops the programs necessary for the solicitation of contributions to support the Scholarship Foundation.

Larry Berger, WA2SUH, #407 - Chair
Email WA2SUH
Joshua Long, W9HT, #72521

* The President is an ex-officio member of all appointed committees. He has oversight responsibilities and shall be informed of all committee activities through regular reports.

updated 12-1-2015