Ten Meter Open Season  Cover Sheet

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Contacts WITH NO numbers: ___________________________ X1 = ________________________
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Contacts WITH TWO numbers:
______ X3 = ____
Contacts WITH THREE numbers: ________________________ X4 = ________________________

Total Contacts: Total Pts: ____

*** Total Pts DOES NOT include Total Contacts ***

Submitting Logs:

MAILED ENTRIES: All submissions must contain this cover sheet (or a reasonable facsimile), the log in UTC Date/Time order, and a Dupe Sheet in callsign order or in grid format (if more than 50 Contacts).

Mail to:

Dan Morris KZ3T
            3162 Convington Way
            Lenoir, NC 28645 USA

E-MAIL ENTRIES: All submissions must be in straight text format and must additionally include all

information from this cover sheet either in separate summary or as summary at head of log. Many contest programs do this for you. Dupe sheet is NOT required with an e-mail entry.

E-Mail to: tentencontest@ten-ten.org

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